15 Clear Signs a Guy Has Never Had a Girlfriend

Though it might seem unusual to the masses, some guys have many casual friendships with females but have never progressed an interaction with the opposite sex to a romantic relationship. Perhaps they were focused on other aspects of life instead of focusing on love.

Or, among the signs a guy has never had a girlfriend, is he’s viewed as the “nice guy.” The one ladies tend to pass over as dating material, looking at him more as someone to ask for advice about other potential boyfriends.

Whichever the case, when a romantic partner is introduced into the picture, the fact there has never been another mate can be relatively easy to recognize. For many new girlfriends, it’s essential to recognize the guy’s inexperience in dating in order to guide him through the beginning stages and show him what not to do.

How to tell if a man has never been in relationship

Usually, there are one or two “nice guys” with many female friends going to them with their boyfriend problems or for advice on how to get the person their person of interest.

Often, these sweet males don’t know how to go from that good friend to something more. Or perhaps they haven’t taken the opportunity because they’ve invested most of their time to this point in other aspects of their life.

The time has come for that first parlay into a serious partnership, and the mate is trying to avoid giving away signs to his new girlfriend that he’s new to the dating world. The problem – these are relatively obvious. Let’s see some of these red flags.

1. Flirting is a new art

If flirting were a skill, the gentlemen would have perfected it by this point. It’s not his strong suit. Thus, the inability to take one of the many female friends and charm them into becoming more.

Additionally, it will be challenging for this partner to know how to hold a conversation with a romantic mate since he’s used to doling out advice on a friendship level. A serious new date will likely need to be the leader in the relationship or allow time for her significant other to learn.

If that guy is not trying to flirt with you or let’s say he seems to be struggling with that, chances are you’re his only girlfriend.

2. Sexual exploration

While the gentleman will be a virgin, this is an excellent opportunity for each person to learn the other intimately, not only physically. As they explore and become familiar with the other person, a bond will develop, and they will grow closer as a couple.

The first experience is always the most memorable. Even if the relationship doesn’t stand the test of time, the guy will never forget the lady with whom he had his initial intimate encounter.

3. Awkward and shy

In that same vein, there is an awkward, shy approach to becoming physical since there is no experience. The lady will likely need to make the initial move and might need to guide the way; that doesn’t mean it can’t be an enjoyable experience. It’s all in what you make of it.

Men who have no experience in dating can struggle even when they like a female. But that may not be the case for 100% of guys because many can also have secret relationships in the past and they do their best to keep them hidden. You can verify that by searching dating sites and looking for information on Facebook and other sites.

4. “Friend” is a scary word for him

While women want their mate to be a best friend and a lover, some men have a fear of the word “friend.” That’s particularly true of those with a fear of being put in the “friend-zone.”

It’s easy to recognize signs a guy has only had female friends to this point and has always been the go-to for boyfriend advice when the thought of being put in that category with someone you love frightens them.

5. Compromise is a foreign concept

A surefire indication that your man has never dated seriously is his lack of compromise. In a healthy, strong partnership, compromise is essential. Still, that comes with experience, having to accommodate another person’s needs.

You can tell someone has never had a girlfriend when they are self-involved with little understanding of the concept of sharing.

6. Looking into each other’s eyes

It’s a challenge to get a guy who’s never had a girlfriend to look into your eyes. These males are challenged to gaze at the ladies in whom they have a romantic interest. Thus far, their only exposure to girls has been as casual friends to gossip and give advice.

There can be some comfort for some females in that situation because you don’t have to worry about other people trying to steal your partner since he won’t be paying attention.

7. Looking for an ex

Searching for signs of an ex-girlfriend on social sites or looking for proof that there might have been a breakup at some point will come back fruitless. While most people will usually delete posts, pictures, and content relating to past relationships, there’s always a shred of evidence of an ex somewhere. Some sites like Google allow you to look up people by photos, and that may help.

If there’s nothing, it’s generally an indication that a mate has never dated a girl seriously.

8. The plans are up to you

Typically when one person makes all the sacrifices in a partnership, that individual believes their partner doesn’t care because they’re not putting forth any effort in the relationship.

Still, when a guy has never had a partnership and is relying on you to make all the plans and initiate all the effort, it’s up to you to let him know that’s not the way things work. The mate needs to do his part, or things won’t work. It’s part of his learning experience.

9. Commitment-phobic

Becoming involved with a guy that never dated a girl is apparent when you want to discuss the future, and he avoids the subject. The thing that you might want to consider is that your mate could be considering the idea of exploring other people before he decides on settling down with one individual.

While you’ve been working with your partner to teach him how to be the ideal date, there is also the possibility that he misses being single. Now that your boyfriend knows he can date, he wants a break from it, or maybe there’s a fear of going into something too serious.

10. Commitment

In that same vein, a boyfriend who has never experienced the dating world in many cases is eager to settle down quickly. Your mate will be showing you off to all their friends right away, meeting parents; it will go way too fast for most girlfriends.

Needless to say, you have to put the brakes on before you’re signed up for a bridal registry.

A partnership takes time to establish with bonds building gradually and becoming close as you get to know the details of each other intimately. When a guy has never experienced a relationship, he’s anxious to move that process along.

11. His communication is poor

Is it bad for someone to never have a girlfriend? Well, nothing is wrong with that. However, communication is challenging in a relationship at the beginning for most couples, usually as it is, but you can tell someone is new to the game when they have none of these skills at all.

You need to discuss an issue, but the conversation is a matter of a few sentences, short and done. There’s no resolution to the problem. It’s essential to sit your partner down to listen to why acknowledging what you have to say and having constructive discussions is necessary.

12. Needs are not met

The expectation of the boyfriend with no past relationship should not be to understand your needs. He has nothing to base these on. That means you will have to express what precisely they are, whether they be emotional, physical, mental, or sexual.

Your mate is essentially a relationship virgin. All that you explain and show your partner will be the extent of his knowledge. The idea is that you be patient and understand any weaknesses and acknowledge where there are strengths.

Even those seasoned in dating don’t have all the answers, especially when starting fresh with a new partner. Imagine if you were brand new to the dating world.

13. No hints here

Unfortunately, many females have the occasion to hint or assume that someone can decipher from body language or merely know what they’re thinking or feeling.

That’s impossible for even an astute person who has dated someone extensively, let alone an individual who has never been with someone romantically before.

It would help if you never assumed someone could “read your mind” nor become angry when that’s impossible for them to do. It’s essential to come out with whatever you want a partner to know so they can react accordingly.

Did you put on a new sweater? Straight up, ask him if he likes it. Be straightforward. New hairdo? Let him know.

14. Priorities are not straight

You’ll know relatively quickly that your boyfriend has never had a girlfriend when he doesn’t make you a priority with his lifestyle. He’s used to being single. That means your new mate has friends, a career perhaps, school maybe, extracurricular activities, things that are important to him.

With his “virgin” mindset, you need to fit into his world and not vice versa meaning he hasn’t determined that you should be one of his priorities yet. That’s again something that needs to be pointed out to him.

It could also go the other way; you might have someone who’s stifling wanting to spend every waking moment with you. This mate doesn’t understand the concept that you’re individuals with a specific time that you spend together and personal space set aside for your own interests.

Again, these are things you work on together to develop those skills for your partner.

15. Three little words

A mate might not be the one to say “I love you” first if he’s never had a partner or dated seriously. If you have been dating him for a while anticipating the utterance, you might wait for a significant period of time since he might be afraid of the words or unsure if he’s feeling love.

Again, on the flip side, a guy might be gregarious and say it way too fast before the relationship has even had a chance to evolve to that point entirely. In that case, the boyfriend has the potential for scaring you off.

Before you run, try to explain that it’s too fast. The two of you have many more things to learn about each other before love can develop. Try to do so gently so there are no feelings of rejection or reason your mate would want to run himself.

How should you approach dating someone who has never had a Girlfriend?

When you find a mate and recognize they’ve never had a previous partner, it’s essential to approach dating that person with the utmost patience and understanding, given the point your new boyfriend will have no history in building a romantic bond with another person.

That means teaching your guy about priorities, communication, perhaps commitment at some point, and having a friendship with the person you love. While you’ll need to help your significant other since they will be outside their normal “comfort zone,” there’s no rush.

One step at a time, allowing him space to adjust at his own pace could eventually result in a more strong, healthy, and committed relationship that stands the test of time.


Whether you’re seasoned or lack a resume, dating is a fresh experience each time you start over with someone new. The only difference when your guy never had a girlfriend is that he has no history and of course, the man will need to learn everything with the first girl with whom he becomes romantically involved.

Still, if that relationship doesn’t work out, the man needs to learn new skills with the next person because nothing will be the same. She will have different expectations, unique responses, and individual needs. Technically, it’s almost like you’ve never dated before each time you get a new partner.

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