Checking if someone blocked your cell number

How to Tell if Someone Blocked your Phone Number

Have you ever tried reaching out to someone on their cell phone number, and it just seems to you that you keep reaching a dead end? Have you ever thought of the possibility that it’s deliberate from the person’s angle? Maybe he or she is not really keen on speaking to you and could have … Read this

Phone number uses by others

What can Someone Do with your Cell Phone Number?

Now, do you give your mobile contact details to others or fill forms online without knowing what someone can do with your cell phone number? Then you need to read this article, it could be quite frightening when you come to terms with what others could do once they have access to your cell phone … Read this

Samsung genuine or clone

How to Check if your Samsung Mobile is Original or Not

No matter what smartphone brand you have these days, there are many times when people find themselves in need to verify if that Samsung mobile phone is original or just a copy of a Chinese manufacturer or other kinds of companies. For that reason, this post will show you what to do exactly to verify … Read this

Calling someone from a blocked number

How Can I Call Someone who has Blocked my Number?

Are you dealing with an emergency situation where you need to get a hold of someone immediately, but they have blocked your phone number? Under specific circumstances in emergency situations, you have a couple of options if you’re wondering how to properly call someone who has blocked your number. When is it Okay to call … Read this