Signs of a fake online dating site profile

Signs Of a Fake Online Dating Site Profile

Online dating is the current way for singles to meet new people, whether for friendship and socialization, casual dating, or serious long-term partnerships.  The problem with these websites is not everyone is authentic. Scammers take advantage of dating apps to target clients mostly in an effort to take money, meaning harm to the individuals. These … Read this

Information you can learn about someone using their phone number

What Can You Learn About Someone Online From Their Phone Number

When doing a reverse phone lookup using a background checker or people searching service such as White Pages or others meant to help people in their attempts to find individuals living within the United States.  The data generated from these services consist of anything the system is able to find on that particular number.  It … Read this

How can Facebook ruin relationships

11 Ways Facebook Can Ruin your Relationship

Can Facebook run relationships? And if that’s true, how bad can social media sites affect people’s lives, especially when being married or in relationships? Facebook is an excellent way of communication. It allows us to reconnect with our old friends and to make new ones from all over the world. Add to that; we can … Read this