11 Ways Facebook Can Ruin your Relationship

Can Facebook run relationships? And if that’s true, how bad can social media sites affect people’s lives, especially when being married or in relationships?

Facebook is an excellent way of communication. It allows us to reconnect with our old friends and to make new ones from all over the world. Add to that; we can meet people on Facebook and have a relationship with them. But despite all these pros, Facebook can be a sweet poison if you don’t know how to handle it wisely, as it may destroy your relationship.

Does facebook ruin relationships?

In this article, I’ll show you the most things that can make Facebook ruin your friendship or relationship. So you will avoid them to protect your bond.

1. Facebook pulls attention away from each other

Facebook can be a black hole; it sacks all your attention and makes you spend hours scrolling your Newsfeed without realizing it. That time that you wasted could have been invested in your partner rather than squandering it on strangers and virtual people. The time and energy that you devoted to following silly stories should be forwarded to your partner.

2. Adultery temptation

Most cheating cases nowadays are mainly caused because of Facebook and social media in general. With that unlimited access to millions of Facebook users and endless contact with people, temptation opportunities may come along.

So, what starts as a simple “like” click can become a love affair, this happens a lot daily, and many partners cheated on their spouses due to Facebook’s endless temptation, and they did it so many times.

3. Lack of communication

When you spend hours on Facebook, and you don’t stand to talk to your spouse for half that time, then there’s a serious problem here. It’s not bad to use social media but don’t let it control you. Learn how to handle it wisely. You should make time for your partner because he’s/she’s the only thing that matters here, don’t let Facebook star lights fool you.

4. Lack of privacy

Many people have become so addicted to social media they post everything online like:

  • Their family life
  • How they live
  • What they eat
  • What they watch

In a nutshell, there is no more privacy; everything is out there for the world to see. Whatever you do at home, you put it on Facebook. So, it’s like a live broadcast of your life; this is dangerous and depressing.

Facebook is dangerous in these cases because, after all, you’ll be an easy target for criminals and scammers. Also, strangers can use your number for bad things like spoofing and online fraud.

Moreover, using Facebook can cause depression in your relationship. That’s because your spouse will get fed up with your reckless behavior since he’s not living anymore with a woman. No, actually, he’s living with a digital version of you.

5. It could rekindle an old love

Let’s say that you got a friend request from an old friend that used to be your hubby, and you accepted that request for old times’ sake. Saying that it’s just an innocent encounter and you’ll only catch up for the old days, nothing will hurt anyone, right?

Then, you start messaging, joking, video calling, and then you’ll flirt a bit. And you’ll convince yourself that it’s just an innocent flirt. But after a while, you’ll find yourself falling over again for your old love, and one thing leads to another, and you’ll cheat on your spouse.

This happens a lot, and many ruined their marriages because of Facebook. So, be careful out there, or you’ll lose your lovely partner.

6. Losing trust

Nowadays, if you want to know everything about someone’s life, just go to his Facebook page, and you’ll discover everything about him. 

You can find the place he lives in, the car he drives, the meal he had today, the ring he bought for his fiancée, it’s all in there. Therefore, if your partner is a secretive person and wants to keep his business private and you’re the type who posts almost everything on social media. Then, this will cause a huge problem between you.

For instance, if he once told you about something and you posted it online. He won’t trust you anymore and won’t tell you important things unless you’ll go and share them with the whole world.

7. Disrespecting your partner

If you’re a Facebook addict, this will cause problems for sure. Let’s say, for example, that you went out with your lover to hang out and have quality time together. And during the whole promenade, your phone was glued on your hand. Then, you were like a walking zombie; your partner for sure talked to you and was showing you places around and pointing to things to see. But you were absent-minded.

This, indeed, will make him furious because you totally ignored the guy and disrespected him. As a matter of fact, you were out with your virtual friends, not with your real partner. So you treated them as if they didn’t exist.

As for me, when I go out with someone, whether it is a friend or a date, they keep using their phones. It makes me angry because I consider it as a sign of disrespect, and I won’t accept that. Hence, I tell them if they want to stay in touch with me. They should keep their phones in their pockets, or I won’t go out with them once again.

8. Comparing your life to other couples’ lives

Facebook is bombarded with perfect-looking couples. They seem to have a perfect life, and they seem happy, successful, and satisfied with everything they have. So, when you see all their photos and News Feed, you’ll feel depressed, and you’ll compare your life to theirs, and this will affect you deeply. Indeed, you’ll pour all that negativity onto your partner, and you’ll cause unnecessary problems.

9. Jealousy problems

Facebook could create jealousy problems between partners. This happens when some particular people like your photos, memes, videos, and comments on everything you post. Or that happens when you follow a particular person and express your interest in them. This will make your partner insecure and jealous, and they will suspect that you’re maybe cheating on them.

10. It affects your mood

Facebook can play a negative role in the way you feel. So, when you log in, some Newsfeed can influence your mood. Hence, if you read disturbing and depressing news, it will automatically make you feel down and melancholic.

Or if you see that all your friends and peers are getting ahead in their lives and accomplishing big things, whereas you’re still struggling. This will make you angry and unsatisfied with the life you have. As a result, this will create a negative atmosphere at home and will cause some conflicts with your partner.

11. Facebook ruins friendships

Sometimes you go out with a friend and during your time together. The girl keeps her face glued to her phone, completely ignoring you. Come on! What’s going on here? What’s the point of going out if she will just concentrate on her phone. This is, in fact, disrespectful and rude, and it’s better to look for friends who go out with you and enjoy your friendship instead of their phones.


To sum up, Facebook is, with no shadow of a doubt, the best communication application. Its perks are uncountable, and many people achieved huge success using Facebook. Nevertheless, some people are facing hard times because of Facebook. They are losing big times in their romantic relationships since they failed to use it moderately. So please, be wise enough to use Facebook for your benefit and not to make it your curse.

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