How To Find Someone On Tinder By Name

The suggestion is there is no search icon on Tinder. That means searching for someone by name or using any sort of information would be virtually impossible. 

The capability would be beneficial in learning if someone has a profile, so you know they’re available for dating and approachable. It’s also an excellent feature to enable people to find out if someone is cheating. 

Still, perhaps this is why Tinder keeps the users’ identities unavailable for their own protection and privacy.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to find someone on the dating platform. The indication is there are several different ways you can find people you’re looking for, even if a cheater is hiding in the mix. 

The effort, it would seem, takes a bit of patience and goes somewhat “around the mountain,” but it is possible. As we say, nothing is impossible. Let’s look at the different “hacks” for learning whether an individual has a Tinder profile.

How to search for someone’s Tinder with a name

The dating landscape has all but lost most of the traditional methodologies that once were. It now has a new fresh digital face. There are countless online platforms, one of the most popular being Tinder. 

It’s suggested that among the dating population, it wouldn’t be surprising if everyone had some sort of experience with a dating site or app at least once. 

Some people are private about their exploits, preferring to keep this information on the down-low. Sites like Tinder make that easy for users. In researching, the indication is that the platform doesn’t use a search icon to allow people to use any sort of information to locate specific profiles. 

So, you can’t punch in a name, email, phone number, or any other identifying information in order to check and see if someone is available or stepping out on you if that happens to be the problem. 

It doesn’t mean there aren’t ways around this dilemma. It just means these methods need to be more creative and will take a bit more patience. 

Let’s check out what are referred to as “hacks” people use in an effort to find someone’s profile on Tinder, whether by name or some other identifier.

Look to other apps to help you with your agenda

Tinder boasts of being the leading favorite among online dating platforms. When newbies want to foray into the dating arena, this is the app that most will choose as a “beginner” site.

That doesn’t mean it’s only temporary until you grow into something better. The consensus is that people will also generally stick with the site for the long term. It’s further indicated that cheaters will most likely have a Tinder account. But how do you find people’s profiles if there’s no way to search. 

It has been recommended that other apps will help find Tinder profiles, one of which is “Socialcatfish” and the other is “Cheaterbuster.” These are touted as exceptionally accurate in locating whomever you need to find and exceptional with informing partners about whether a mate is playing the field throughout the website.

The apps handle the constant “swiping,” allowing a full-blow search with no need to register if that’s not your choice. “Cheaterbuster” merely requires the name and age, and then you will need to maneuver a virtual map indicating the location of the individual. That can be a place they go to often or the one they might have offered on the dating site.

“Socialcatfish” needs either an email address or a photo from which they will search a vast database in an effort to find a match with a guarantee to offer the closest possible results.

Do you have an account, and what are your preferences

Sometimes it becomes necessary to become a bit of a detective, whether you want to be sneaky or not. That means putting on the “spyware” yourself and doing the legwork. 

Whether you’re interested in joining Tinder or prefer not to is irrelevant at this point. It’s a necessity in order to find the account you’re looking for.

After downloading the mobile app, logging in can be done using a phone number or a Facebook account. When swiping on the platform, it is possible to hide your profile.

Since you cannot search on Tinder, the gist of this process is that you will continue to swipe through each profile (endlessly) until you find the person you’re looking for.

The one silver lining is you don’t have to get caught up in the dating aspect of the site since you can remain anonymous and hide your profile. 

The tricky part is filtering your preferences in such a way that your swiping doesn’t take decades. These can be as specific as age, distance, location, and gender. That will at least narrow the search to maybe a few 1000 or so. 

But I believe you need to also match with them for the person to appear on your swiping screen. So if you don’t match as a couple, or perhaps they decided to “unmatch” you, they won’t show up for you to find them regardless of how much time you spend swiping. Good luck with this option.

Figure out the username

If you can figure out the username, it can take you directly to the person you’re looking for. That can be like trying to find a combination to a safe. But if you know this person pretty well, you might be able to come up with some ideas. 

With Tinder, this format can be helpful because of its directness; there’s a minimal likelihood it could take you to the wrong person since no two people can share a same username. 

The site requires that users select a “URL” that appears in a specific format – “”

You could consider this identifier as almost a virtual fingerprint to find the boyfriend or girlfriend you might be searching for. The suggestion is to use this to search on social networks to learn if it’s the person you’re looking for.

The downside is figuring out the username and hoping it’s the same one they use on one of their social networks.

Look at the location updates

One relatively obvious solution for quick results is checking the location update. If you have a partner who indicated they would delete their profile and stop using dating apps, you can easily find out if they’ve been lying.

When Tinder hasn’t been used or if the site is shut down, the platform has no access to the user’s location. If you’re a regular user, the location will routinely update based on your movements. 

It’s not something most people pay attention to or even consider when they log on or off or change locations while engaged.

That means when this updates, the app is in use, and they’re still active. If you notice an altered location, your partner is still active. If everything’s the same, they’re in the clear.

Searching for someone by their name or other ways

The assumption is that people look for a person by name on Tinder often because they’re trying to catch a boyfriend or girlfriend in the act of cheating. 

In all reality, if you have this sort of mistrust in a partner that you need to sleuth behind their back to catch them in the act so that you can then have a dramatic confrontation, is that genuinely a relationship you want to continue to pursue?

It’s my personal mindset that if there’s any idea of a breach of trust, there should be no investigation. Instead, there needs to be an immediate dialog, a communication, as soon as the idea becomes a thought in order to hear what the person has to say about the accusation.

Suppose there’s an indication that the individual is not being truthful. In that case, you have a decision to walk away from something inherently unhealthy or continue to play the role of a victim who needs to babysit all the networks to ensure this person doesn’t continue to step out of line. And they will. 

Someone who does these things to someone they genuinely care for doesn’t honestly care. That’s harsh and sad, but it’s honest.


Tinder boasts of being among the most favored dating sites among the current dater’s population. It might have something to do with the fact that users can sort of go onto the site and hide while meeting new people. 

The term “hide” is necessary because some of these individuals have existing mates on the sidelines, unaware of their escapades, and unable to search on the site if they did have a clue. Tinder is void of a search icon, so regardless of the identifier, these are no good on that platform. 

Sincerely; if you’re dating someone and believe they’re participating on a dating platform to meet other people, directly ask the question. If you receive anything other than sincerity, don’t investigate; walk away. You deserve better than that.

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