How To Know If Someone Blocked You On TikTok

It’s challenging to remember how things were before social media. These platforms have made the world one big stage, and all the people play act for the varied sites. Nowadays, many people you call friends are virtual, living in another state, territory, province, or perhaps another country or continent altogether.

It appears regardless of the activity people engage in, they want to get a good “angle” for the appearance on their social profile. Some even create images not based on reality. That is because they believe the authentic persona is not exciting enough for public viewing. So, people create fake profiles on social media and even on dating sites.

Because you’re presenting this imitation of who you really are, you establish a network of friends and perhaps business associates based on what you represent on, say, TikTok as a social platform that might not be people you would normally engage with. 

You will likely “meet” people who mean well and others not so much. Most are bold because they have the protection of being behind a virtual screen. Some will want to remain close, interact regularly, and exchange valuable information you can apply to your lifestyle.

Others like teenagers who lie or adults maintain a distant silence, speaking up to cause a problem a majority of the time, eventually finding a reason they don’t like you, ultimately ending the connection by blocking you. How do you know when one of your followers on TikTok blocks you? Let’s find out.

How To tell if someone blocked you on TikTok

On social media sites, there can be a lot of drama. Mostly because users are anonymous with no possibility of finding out private details about each other. So they can be as bold as they like with virtually no repercussions. 

The most significant consequence of lashing out at someone full throttle with your personal opinions is they will block you from their account. In many cases, the individual can’t stand not knowing the controversy happening in the other world. So, that person unblocks the user only to have that user turn the tables and block them back. 

It’s a dog-eat in the land of social platforms, especially on TikTok. While the premise appears good-natured, making people laugh and have a good time, the public at large can be tough on each other.

The idea is to basically perform in front of the camera and wait for commentary from the “audience.” Ideally, your settings will be such that the people who can comment are followers you specifically select. 

This way, you can hopefully avoid the potential for ugly remarks and nastiness from the public as a whole. Problems arise when there are negative critiques or rudeness from those you believe to be “friends.” 

In those cases, most people will quietly remove those people from their followers and block them from their accounts. And in some instances, they will do the same if they find you to be in any way offensive. But how can you find out if someone took that step? But also, how can you know if someone deleted their TikTok or blocked you, instead? Check out these details.

Learning that a user blocked you on TikTok

No one will make a public announcement that they blocked you from their TikTok account; there will be no alert or notification. While it’s the individual’s desire to keep it under wraps as a quiet, subtle step, there are ways you can find out. Here are some things you can do if you need to know:

Search for the suspected account

If you perform a search in TikTok for an account of someone who has blocked you, the account will not be retrievable. That is one test you can try within the app under the “search” heading with the user’s full name in an attempt to pull the account up. 

If the search is not productive, this is one sign that you have been blocked as a user with that particular account.

Comment notifications

When you interact with another person on TikTok by commenting on varied posts, you can go back to those previous posts by searching through the comment notifications to pull up specific posts. 

If the post doesn’t appear, but there’s a message in its place, there’s a high likelihood that you have been blocked by this particular user’s account.

Look over your followers’ list

A genuinely productive way to check if you’ve been blocked is to look at your followers’ list to see if a user blocked you from their account. If you don’t see the person’s profile in the list, it’s fairly evident they blocked you.

As far as unblocking your account, once someone blocks you, you’re blocked. There is nothing you can do to reappear in that person’s account, and to try would be harassing.

Now, here is how you can know if someone deleted their TikTok account or just blocked you. First, use another device like a new smartphone or laptop. Then, try to create a different TikTok and find that same user by number or username.

If you can see their profile URL, then, probably, that account is still there and not deleted, but the person behind it doesn’t want to hear from you. If not, that means indeed; the user has decided to delete their TikTok and not block your profile.

How can you block someone on TikTok?

In the same vein of being blocked, you have the capacity of blocking people who come to you with the mindset of being a friend, only to find the individuals have ill intentions. 

Unfortunately, on TikTok specifically, that seems to be problematic and makes sense when you understand the full scope of the platform. As research would make it appear, the age range varies on this site from child to adult. 

Without getting into age specifics, simply putting those two categories together on one platform with no barriers and no restrictions is enough of a problem in and of itself. 

As a former parent to little people, now grown-ups, I would never allow those little people to interact with adults in a “no holds barred” arena. The reason is because not all grown-ups are well-meaning nor appropriate with little people to the point of that interaction being a scary thought.

I don’t generally advocate for social media for many reasons. But as parents, wouldn’t you find this particular format atrocious? 

Any member of the adult population could and likely would remark crudely or rudely to kids without a second thought. Also, we know this because we see it when we attend sporting events and adults sit in the bleachers berating children. 

That brings me back to the topic at hand; I haven’t lost sight of our subject. It would make perfect sense why so many users would be blocked on TikTok as a social media platform, particularly if parents block adults from their kids’ accounts. 

In all fairness, there are supposed to be settings with TikTok where you can customize your followers to include only family and close friends. But systems are not always 100% effective or efficient, and the nasties get through. 

So, how can you block ill-intentioned individuals from your account and remove them from your follower list? Let’s find out.

Blocking and unfollowing users on TikTok

When you find a user has ill intentions on TikTok, it’s wise to avoid interaction with that person and stop receiving feedback or messaging from them. That would require you to block the individual from your account and take them off your following list. You can do this on a mobile phone quite simply.

  1. Pull the app up and sign in
  2. Under search, look for the individual’s profile – you don’t have to follow them to perform a block
  3. Click the three dots found on the top right of the screen to open the menu and click your option
  4. Once the option has been selected, that user will be blocked from your account. At this point, there will no longer be notifications, alerts, comments, or any information regarding this person in your feed.

It’s as simple to unblock users that you have blocked on TikTok if you decide you want to bring them back into your account. You’ll see “Me” at the bottom of your TikTok screen. 

This allows you to manage your profile. It will direct you through managing your blocked users and help you unblock those you change your mind about.

Now, this is how you can easily see who you blocked on TikTok: First, make sure you click the profile icon. Next, the 3 line dots and under Settings and Privacy, you should view the list of Blocked accounts on the TikTok app.

It’s essential to remember that there are people on every social media platform looking to find a way they can abuse the network and ruin it for everyone. TikTok is no different. 

This is why users should be of an appropriate age and maturity so that they can exercise good judgment while on the varied sites, including TikTok. So they can remain safe from those people who are malicious and have ill intentions.


Fortunately, on all social networks, users have the capacity to block unsavory individuals who participate solely to abuse others. Sadly in some cases, especially on sites like TikTok, many of those engaging with the platform are children or young people up to adults. 

They interact with each other, with adults having the capacity to provide feedback or critiques on kids’ posts. Unless these are close friends or family members, that can definitely be a recipe for disaster, not to mention destructive for children. 

That makes blocking especially beneficial for parents who might notice nasty people who happen to break through the privacy settings that TikTok offers. Social media has a lot of advantages and benefits for people of all ages. But it’s essential to be mindful of the downsides; always prepare for those and make sure your kids are.

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