How to Search Instagram Users by Name Without an Account

With over 1 billion users, according to the latest stats of 2023, Instagram is one of the most widely used social media networks globally. It’s a platform where users can share photos, videos, and content with their followers and discover new content through the Instagram Explore page.

One of the features of Instagram is the ability to search for users by name. But what if you don’t have an Instagram account and still want to search for someone on the platform? In this article, I will show you the possibilities of conducting an Instagram search for users by their name only and without an account. Also, I’ll provide some alternative methods to find the information you’re looking for.

Is it possible to search Instagram without logging?

The short answer is: not directly. Instagram’s user search feature is only accessible to users with an active account. This means that if you don’t have an account, you won’t be able to use Instagram’s search bar to find users by name. However, there are some alternative methods that you can use to search for users on Instagram without having an account.

Method 1: Use a search engine

Google: Firstly, one effective way to search for Instagram users without logging to an account is by utilizing a search engine such as Google. By inputting the name of the person or user you are trying to locate along with the keyword “Instagram,” you may be able to discover their Instagram profile or related content. For instance, you could search for “John Doe Instagram.” It is important to note, however, that this method might not be successful for users with private accounts or those with a minimal online presence.

Bing: Alternatively, you can also try using other search engines like Bing to conduct a similar search. Different search engines may yield different results, so it is worth trying multiple options to increase your chances of finding the desired Instagram profile.

DuckDuckGo: Another search engine option is DuckDuckGo, which is known for its privacy-focused search capabilities. This search engine might be especially useful if you are trying to find Instagram profiles with a lower online presence, as it may display results that other search engines do not.

Method 2: Third-party web services

There are several web services available that allow users to find Instagram users without any account. Some popular options include:

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is another service that can help you find Instagram profiles by name. While primarily designed for conducting background checks, it can also be used to locate social media profiles, including Instagram.

  1. Visit the official tool: Go to the Instant Checkmate website.
  2.  Sign up for an account: If you are a new user, you will need to sign up for an account by providing your email address and creating a password.
  3.  Choose a membership plan: Instant Checkmate offers various membership plans to access their services. Choose a plan that best suits your needs and complete the payment process.
  4.  Log in to your account: After signing up and choosing a membership plan, log in to your Instant Checkmate account using your email address and password.
  5.  In the search bar provided, enter the first and last name of the person whose Instagram profile you are trying to find. You may also enter additional information, such as city and state, to narrow down the search results.
  6.  Review the search results: Instant Checkmate will display a list of people’s profiles matching the name you entered. Review the search results and look for the person you are searching for. If you find the right person, click on their name to access their full report.
  7.  Access the social media section: In the person’s report, scroll down to the section titled “Social Media Profiles.”
  8.  Locate the Instagram profile: In the “Social Media Profiles” section, look for the Instagram logo or the word “Instagram.” Click on the link or logo to access the person’s Instagram profile.
  9.  Verify the profile: Once you are directed to the person’s Instagram profile, verify that it belongs to the person you are searching for by checking their profile picture, bio, and posts.
  10.  Save the profile link: If you want to save the profile link for future reference, either bookmark the URL or copy and paste it into a document or note-taking app.

The following examples shows Instagram profile we found using this sophisticated search tool.

Instagram profiles

Remember that while Instant Checkmate can be a helpful tool for finding Instagram profiles by name, it might not always provide accurate or up-to-date information. Additionally, some Instagram profiles may be set to private, meaning you will need to send a follow request and be approved by the user before you can view their content.

Social Catfish

This service allows you to search for Instagram users by first name and view their photos without having to create an account. It is particularly useful for locating profiles that may not be easily found through traditional search engines. Here is a step by step instructions on how to search for users on Instagram without the need for any account or login through this tool:

  1. Access the search tool: Visit the Social Catfish website through your preferred web browser or on mobile. Social Catfish is a search platform that helps users find and verify the identity of people they meet online.
  2.  Enter the person’s name: You will see a searh bar, type in the full name of the person whose Instagram account you are looking for. Make sure to spell their name correctly for the best results, and also select the country.
  3.  Provide additional information (optional): If you have any additional information about the person, such as their email address, phone number, or username for other social media platforms, you can provide that information in a new search separately. This will help narrow down the search and increase the likelihood of finding the correct Instagram account.
  4.  After entering the necessary information, click on the ‘Search’ button to initiate the search process.
  5.  Review the search results: Social Catfish will now display a list of social media users and profiles on Instagram, if applicable, that match the information you provided. Browse through the search results and look for the account that belongs to the person you are searching for.
  6.  View the profile: Once you have located the correct Instagram account, click on the profile picture or username to view the profile. Note that you may not be able to view the full profile or its content if the account is private and you are not logged into Instagram.
  7.  Verify the account: Before assuming that you have found the correct account, verify it by checking the profile picture, bio, and posts to ensure that it belongs to the person you are searching for. If you are unsure, you can cross-reference the information with other social media accounts or online sources.

Remember that this method does not guarantee that you will find the person’s Instagram account, especially if they use a pseudonym or have a private account. However, using Social Catfish can increase your chances of locating the account you are searching for without logging into Instagram.


Webstagram is a user-friendly web service that enables you to search for Instagram users by name and view their photos and profile information.


ImgInn is another option that allows you to search for Instagram users by name and view their photos. This service provides an easy-to-use interface and quick search results.


Lastly, Pikdo is a web service that allows you to search for Instagram users by name and view their photos and profile information.

These services allow you to search for Instagram users by name and view their photos. However, be cautious when using third-party services, as they may not always be secure, and some may violate Instagram’s terms of service.

Method 3: Browser Extensions

Another option for locating users on Instagram is to use a browser extension that allows you to view Instagram profiles without logging in. One such extension is IG Stories for Instagram StoriesHub for Google Chrome. This extension allows you to view Instagram stories, highlights, and posts without needing to have an account. Keep in mind that using a browser extension may also put your privacy at risk or violate Instagram’s terms of service.

More Instagram profile search options without login

In addition to search engines and dedicated social media finder tools, there are several web services available that enable users to search for Instagram profiles. Some popular options include:

Browse Instagram Directories

Some websites and platforms have created directories that consist of Instagram profiles based on specific categories, such as profession, hobbies, or location. Browsing these directories might help you find the Instagram user you are looking for by their name or related keywords. Some popular Instagram directory websites include:

The Instagram directory

This website helps find users on IG when you don’t want to use the platform itself. It allows you to browse and search for Instagram users by category, including travel, fashion, food, and photography. You can try to find the person you are looking for by searching for relevant categories or keywords related to their interests.

Gram User

Gram User is another directory-like platform that enables users to search for Instagram profiles by name. The website also provides additional information about the user, such as follower count, number of posts, and whether their account is private or public.

Use Public Instagram Profiles of Organizations or Events

If you know the person you are searching for is associated with a particular organization, event, or group, you can try checking the public Instagram profiles of those entities. Often, organizations and events will tag or mention their members or participants in their posts, which might lead you to the profile you are looking for.

For example, if the person you are searching for is a member of a sports team, you can check the team’s official Instagram profile and look for photos or posts that feature the person’s name or username. Similarly, if the person you are searching for attended a specific event, you can check the event’s official Instagram profile for photos or posts that might feature the person.

Seek Help from Online Communities

Online communities, such as forums and groups on social media (Facebook, Reddit etc…) can be a great resource for locating Instagram users. You can find and then, join communities that are relevant to the person you are searching for or related to their interests and ask other members for assistance in finding their Instagram profile.

For instance, if you are searching for a professional photographer, you can join photography-related forums or groups and ask other members if they know the Instagram username of the person you are looking for. Similarly, if the person you are searching for is a fan of a specific celebrity or TV show, you can join fan communities and seek help from fellow fans.

Keep in mind that while these methods can be effective in finding Instagram users without having an account, they may not always produce accurate results or provide complete access to the users’ profiles and content. Some Instagram users may have private accounts that require you to be a follower to view their content, and others might have a minimal online presence or deliberately avoid being found through these methods. Always be respectful of others’ privacy and exercise caution when using these techniques.

Limitations of searching Instagram

While these Instagram profile search methods without login can help you, there are some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Private accounts: If the user you’re searching for has a private account, you won’t be able to view their content without following them, which requires an Instagram account.
  •  Accuracy: Search engines and third-party services may not always return accurate or up-to-date results.
  •  Security: Using third-party services or browser extensions may put your privacy at risk or violate Instagram’s terms of service.


In conclusion, while it’s not directly possible to search for someone’s Instagram account by name without the need for any account, there are alternative methods available that can help you find the information you’re looking for. Whether you choose to use a search engine, third-party web services, or browser extensions, it’s important to be aware of the search limitations and potential risks associated with these methods.

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