My Husband Won’t Talk to Me but Talks to Everyone Else

When your husband is talking to everyone but you, yet the silence says so much. Are you keyed in on the nonverbal cues or do you need help with the translation? Let’s see what he could be saying.

When your husband ignores you but talks to everyone else, he might not realize his behavior depending on the situation. Usually, there’s no intention for harm though these scenarios, regardless, are nothing but hurtful for a mate who doesn’t understand the reason for the neglect.

In a heterosexual relationship particularly, this kind of miscommunication can result in conflict since men and women typically handle emotional turmoil differently.

Men turn inward to avoid a fight, while women want to work through the difficulty by talking about it, even if that means a heated discussion.

Unfortunately, men, especially, find it more beneficial to turn to friends to talk through what they’re dealing with at home, more so than communicating with their significant other.

Most know they’ll get support without dealing with any repercussions from expressing how they feel.

Once at home with the “elephant in the room,” things remain silent for fear the subject will come up and another argument will ensue. How do you get past this unending cycle of avoidance? Let’s dive in.

What does it mean when your husband ignores you?

Usually, when a husband ignores a spouse for days (or even months), there’s no one apparent reason. Generally, underlying causes culminate to the point of the silent treatment and his reaching out to friends for emotional support.

You may say that your husband treats you like you don’t matter. But in many cases, a couple that has come to a point where they no longer converse started by avoiding issues from many minor problems that could have been resolved with simple communication. The problem was a mate who didn’t want to deal with conflict; afraid discussions would turn into fights.

Needless to say, when you’re not prepared emotionally to work through the conflict, there’s no effort to find healthier, more constructive coping mechanisms for handling the issues; instead, you shut down.

A lack of communication in a marriage creates a wedge that’s challenging to overcome, usually resulting in demise.

Despite the incorrect beliefs you each carry about the other, an effective communication system needs to be established if you want to move forward on a more healthy path.

He needs to understand that discussions don’t have to turn into fights; it’s okay to talk about problems. Plus, he needs to be made aware that he’s ignoring you makes you feel so he can work towards addressing the issues.

Tips as an ignored partner

While you will feel as though you’re the victim, it’s essential to understand that your mate has issues that are being misunderstood. Your spouse has a reason he’s ignoring you, and it’s your responsibility as a concerned partner to learn what the reasons are.

Without that essential communication, you’re just in coexistence with many misunderstandings where the other person is concerned. If you’ve been avoiding a direct conversation about the behavior with uncertainty on how to start the conversation, these tips can help open a discussion.

Make sure your mate is ready for a discussion

No one should attempt to have a conversation when either person is rushing to get somewhere or just coming home exhausted from the day. Instead, reach out, expressing a desire to talk and broaching what the topic of the conversation concerns leaving it up to you. Mate, when would be a good time to have a quiet but effective discussion.

It’s wise to give a time range, so your husband doesn’t have the opportunity to drag the talk out for an extended period of time, ultimately letting it fall away because he’s trying to avoid it. Stay on top of it but approach it gently.

It’s essential to be direct, albeit respectful, and gentle.

When participating in the discussion, it’s important to show your mate discussions can be healthy and constructive without fear of turning into a fight.

That means there need to be no accusations or inappropriate comments. There should only be statements from the “I” perspective instead of “you,” let it be known how the behavior has been making you feel.

In the next breath, ask for his perspective on the way things have been going and how it’s making him feel. How could things be different? What could happen to make things better? You can learn a lot about each other in the exercise without turning it into a battle. That’s his underlying fear.

With a successful conversation, you can learn more about some of the other underlying issues. What else might be creating the disturbance in the relationship once he sees there will be no consequences for his opening up.

Then you can each take the necessary steps to start to resolve those issues.

What are some of the underlying issues?

There can be a number of issues that men keep to themselves only to share with close friends or even family. Thus, when a husband talks to everyone but you, they might simply feel bringing it to the attention of their significant other will get contention. Instead of developing issues in the relationship, they would just as soon leave it alone.

Despite an attempt at preventing a problem, the act of ignoring their mate’s attempt at discussions causes even more of a rift in the marriage than presenting the source of their concern, to begin with.

Many problems can be so readily resolved when addressed straight away. When left to fester, they evolve into something only an imagination can create that’s not genuinely how things are in the real world, making a spouse appear to be something they’re not.

When you’re finally able to break through the barrier and learn the root causes behind the silent treatment, you can find a way to work together for a solution. Check out some of the more common situations couples face.

A husband who craves more time alone; you should comply

While each couple’s life circumstances will play a part in the amount of alone time, each individual in a pair can have. Schedules, varied needs, perhaps kids, should make it possible to carve out some time. Everyone has specific requirements when it comes to relieving stress, letting go of anxieties, unwinding, and relaxation.

These are vital for everyone’s well-being, and concessions need to be made for each person to tend to those needs. If you stand in the way of that, he could ultimately resent you, which will negatively affect the partnership.

Depression, stress can affect a husband

When overworked or stressed at the office, men can often become quiet or non-communicative until the situation resolves. In these situations, he requires support in an effort to search for solutions. But suppose there is a scenario of mental illness with either anxieties or depression.

In that case, it’s essential to work with your partner to find the ideal solution that will bring the best results and support him through his treatment until he reaches a more healthy place.

You especially need to make sure your partner is getting appropriate care if he hasn’t reached out for treatment but is instead avoiding the fact that there’s an issue.

Perhaps your husband has made suggestions, but they were not heard

When a husband talks to everyone but you, your spouse might simply be silent because he has made many suggestions concerning the partnership that have been left ignored, making him feel less important.

While some of the requests might make an impossible situation for you, you need to look at things from his perspective and see how you can care for some of the needs.

When there’s a request for you to eat dinner with him at least one evening a week since you work every other night, that should be doable. If you’re continually working on chores in the evenings and he asks you to stop and watch a program with him, watch it.

Now and then, you might want to barter a little. Perhaps, you can share the chores and then watch the program. The important thing is that you put forth the effort to eliminate the silence.

Your husband might feel you’re too needy

That might be painful, but listen If your husband finds that you ask too much of him. It’s going to put a pinch in your heart. But it’s something you have to pay attention to in order to resolve the issues between you.

You might need to look into steps to improve self-sufficiency, and that could take a third-person counselor working solely with you to guide you through the process.

While you’re working to grow into your own person, your husband will be able to have individual time allowing him to reclaim the place he prefers in the relationship.

What can a wife do when she’s ignored?

When your husband speaks to everyone but you and you don’t know the underlying reasons, nor do you know how to find out, you might have to be a bit more investigative.

There are situations where men are unwilling to share; some cannot verbalize their feelings with a need for individual or couple therapy to help get the partnership back on track.

In either case, you can take some steps to make the process a little bit easier until you have a strategic plan of care or treatment in line. Some of these include:

Allow some time and space

Once you find that your husband is mean to you and nice to everyone else, you might want to talk and fix things straight away. So you can move forward on a healthy path. Men are not always that straightforward. It’s essential to allow some space, whether emotional or physical until he feels it’s okay to come back into the partnership without fear of repercussions for his feelings or need for boundaries.

It’s okay to make efforts towards resolution

Anything that makes another person feel valued and loved is not wasted effort. These are small gestures that are appreciated. They are not demanding. They don’t have any expectations attached, but they show energy and appreciation for the partnership.

Whatever will make a mate feel thought of, whether it’s cooking a favorite dinner, buying a favorite drink, any sincere gesture to brighten his world.

Avoid criticizing or nitpicking

No one is perfect, most certainly in a couplehood. The pair will bicker and argue. It would help if you tried to do so without complaining or criticizing the other person despite the fact you might have a genuine reason for doing so.

You might have to validate the complaint in your own mind yet be constructive with your spouse simply because that’s the healthy way to handle things, especially when a relationship is strained.

Instead, remind yourself why you love this person and then also remind him. Shower the conversation with things you don’t always get to say – gratitude, affirmations, compliments; quick on your feet with where he’s getting everything right or trying his best.

Honor you

This is a challenging time, especially with not knowing why your husband is talking to everyone but you. There’s no one to blame in these situations, and the first thing to remember is not to blame yourself, nor should you feel in any way as though you need to better yourself to become more suitable for him.

Sometimes reaching out to a third-party counselor for individual therapy can help you find that strong, inner healthy person and learn to meet that person’s needs as far as alone time, having connections with friends, and individual space.

Recognizing your self-worth can enhance the partnership exceptionally as well. Plus, it can motivate your mate to start to look at his own value. Otherwise, accusing each other and being like a husband and a wife who is not talking for months won’t fix anything until you think about it.


When your husband talks to everyone else but you, he’s silently saying there are problems that he doesn’t know how to verbalize directly to you. Sometimes quiet is deafening, almost like screaming, because it’s virtually saying so much.

It’s merely then a matter of translating so that we can proceed to resolve those issues revealed to us in the silence. It’s more complex than simply saying what’s wrong, but not everyone has those skills, and when you love someone, you work with what you get.

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