Signs a Guy Likes you but He’s Afraid of Rejection

Do you have a friend who has been acting weird recently? Do you think that the guy likes you but he’s afraid of rejection? Or maybe he’s giving you mixed signals? Are you wondering if he’s developed a liking for you or he’s just being friendly?

Well, sometimes boys don’t show their feelings because they are afraid to get hurt and probably your friend is one of them. Hence, here are the common signs which show that a man likes you but for many reasons he’s afraid of your rejection, or at least is hiding it.

He likes you but he’s afraid of being rejected

1. The pitch of his voice changes

This is for sure one sign that a guy likes you but he’s afraid of your rejection. This happens when we talk to someone we like, the pitch of our voice tends to become softer and lower. So if this guy’s pitch changes when you’re alone and becomes lower, deeper, and more seductive, he’s certainly into you. But he’s not doing it intentionally, it’s a natural reaction from his mind because he’s attracted to you.

2. He knows you well

When we have strong romantic feelings for someone, we can sense their mood. So, if you’re having a bad day, you don’t need to tell him because he will know it for himself. The man becomes so emotionally attached to you that he can tell when you’re happy, sad, angry, tired, or sick.

Your guy can check out your Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and more to make sure you’re doing well.

3. His eyes will give him away

Don’t tell me how that’s possible?! Don’t worry, you’ll know it when you see it, you’ll notice that he can’t take his eyes off of you. Every time you look in his direction, he’s staring at you, seeming completely lost in your beauty, he will look away for sure as soon as you catch him.

4. The man remembers everything about you

Since you are friends, and you hang out a lot, it’s ordinary that you talked and you told him lots of things and details about you. Friends and regular guys will, of course, forget the details that you told them. But the guy who likes you won’t forget anything.

For example, let’s say that you mentioned that you’re a fan of the singer “Sia” and you’re dying to go to one of her concerts. Then comes your dear friend and invites you to Sia’s concert. This, in fact, shows how much he cares about you and wants to make you happy because he won’t go through all this trouble if he wasn’t into you.

5. You have a favorite corner

In fact, this is cute and romantic. Hence if you have a favorite spot that you two hang out in and meet there whenever you have a chance. It’s kind of a romantic date because that’s your special corner that you feel comfortable in, share precious moments, and have quality time together.

6. He’s nervous around you

When a guy gets nervous around you, it’s a clear sign that he likes you a lot. So, if you were talking and he kept stuttering, fidgeting, playing with hands, straightening his shirt, and touching his hair, it’s obvious that he has a big crush on you. And that’s what makes him so nervous because he doesn’t want to mess this up.

Sometimes, you can take a look at his Snapchat account and see if talked about love. Also, view his Instagram and other accounts to see if he talks about you indirectly.

7. The man is jealous of other guys

Do you want to know if he likes you or not? Watch his face when you’re with other guys. Tell him about a guy and how much that guy is funny and handsome, oh boy! His facial expressions will give him away. He’ll get sad for sure, he’ll look the other way so you won’t see that melancholy and jealousy in his eyes.

8. He puts his phone away when you’re together

Phones have become so important in our lives that we can’t spend a minute without checking them. However, if you’re alone and this guy leaves his phone in his pocket and chooses to focus on you. That’s a 100% sign that he’s head over heels for you.

Think about it! No one leaves his/her phone untouched unless it’s something hugely important and you are hugely important for him. That’s why he wants to enjoy every moment with you, cherish the good times, and make every second count with you. The man loves you but he’s afraid of rejection.

9. The guy gives you compliments

No one gives compliments unless they are truly attracted to you. Hence if this guy compliments you most of the time, the way you dress, the perfume you wear, the hairstyle you have. Thus, he cares about you and wants to show you that you are beautiful any day of the year and that you’re beautiful inside and out. 

Though, this could be sometimes confusing if the man is a player. But you need to verify if the guy loves you and is afraid of rejection by comparing this hint to others.

10. He likes to spend time with you

Whenever you want to hang out he’s there with you, wherever you go, he’ll follow you. Also, you spend so much time together, you do stuff together, you watch movies together, you shop groceries together, for an outsider. 

That way, you seem like a couple. Well, believe me, no one will stick to you if you’re not important to them. If you weren’t precious to him, he won’t make time for you and will see you when he sees you, as simple as that.

As a piece of advice here, why not encourage him to send you messages? The guy could be trying to tell you what he has in mind. And by texting each other, you can break the silence.

11. He’s mysterious about his love life

When you ask him about his love life, he’ll be vague and won’t give you a clear answer. And when you insist he’ll tell you about this girl that he really likes, but he’s afraid of rejection. Be sure that he’ll look into your eyes because you’re that girl.

That being said, you need to check if he has someone else in his life. Men can hide girlfriends. So you can verify that by looking at his social media accounts or in other ways.

12. His friends will tease him about you

Friends are the ones who know about the people we like. So, the man has probably told his friends about you. So, whenever you’re around and his friends keep teasing him about you, how you two look great together, how he doesn’t stop talking about you. Then you don’t need any more evidence if he’s into you or not. Your crush literally told his friends he likes you and now it’s up to you if you want to give him a chance or not.

13. Everyone thinks you’re a couple

Whenever you go to a café, the people working there assume that you’re a couple, your colleagues will tell you that you’re such a cute couple. Strangers in the street will tell you that too because it’s obvious that you have such strong chemistry between you and everyone can see that.

Make the first move if you like him too

If you’re positive of all the former signs and you’re now sure that your friend actually likes you, then you need to take the next step. Your crush is afraid of rejection, you can help him. 

So, if you like him too, and you want to be his girlfriend, why don’t you step up and make the first move. That’s because he probably doesn’t dare to take you out. If you have the same feelings for him, ask him out. There’s nothing wrong with that?

To conclude, these are the telltale signs that will help you recognize if a guy likes you. But he’s afraid of rejection. Hence if you are interested in him too, make it easier for both of you and if you don’t, don’t lead him on.

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