About Lotibima

In a new world of social media posts, videos, comments, and interactions, it’s not always an easy and comfortable situation to deal with different issues on smartphones and laptops, so, Lotibima is a technology-related website that shares the best tips, tricks, and recommendations for users. If you need assistance on how to make your phone work better then, we have the right guides for both iOS and Android devices.

Also, Lotibima is the source of information you can use to get the right guides on how to search the web better and get most of the Internet benefits, there are millions of websites and blogs and not all of them offer what the reader expects, so, we take the hardest approach in testing the different tools and ways to identify phone numbers, email senders, and even search for people online using their basic details. Sometimes, that will be crucial in determining if a dating profile is real or fake, and in all cases, by reading our social media and tech guides, users should be able to distinguish between legitimate users and scammers they see online.

In 2020, there was a pandemic crisis, it caused many bad circumstances for millions of people in the US and across the globe, and even now in 2021, many individuals are not able to find a solution for their smartphones and correctly use Google search with up-to-date tips that they look for. For that reason, we think that the quality of the guide is the first thing we focus on, and our expert writers have a long experience with data and social media to write the best guides and step-by-step tutorials.

The process of every article writing starts from in-depth research, and that allows us to determine if there are enough resources for that topic or not, then, we test things like the tools or the strategies that a system includes, next, we start writing and combining all the details. That way, the reader can understand what we talk about without complicating things. Finally, there will be the editing and publishing steps and these Two require extra time and hard work all the way.

If you feel that we should write about a new topic, you can send us a message and tell us what you have in mind as ideas. Sometimes, the best guides come from real readers who want more tips and tricks for their daily technology usage, life, and devices.