Privacy Policy Statement

At, we understand that everyone should care about his data and personal information, so, we want to make things clear and show readers what information or data the site collects, but the good news is this, we don’t collect any piece of personal information like names, etc…

This is the privacy policy statement to read and understand if you need it, you can come back any time and check it.

Data we collect

When someone read a page on Lotibima, we use Google analytics as a tool to understand from what country the user come from, and what type of web browser they use, in other words, this is like any other way for trying to understand how users interact with the site and what kind of device they use. Thus, we can compare the data to find new ways to make things work better in terms of site speed, security, etc…

When you comment on any page, we’ll save your IP address and of course, the email address you typed into the contact box in order to reply to you back. Other than that, we don’t have other data to collect as millions of other sites do.


We use cookies like what the trusted websites do, including, Google, Facebook, Bing, and others to save the static assets of the web page for later use by the reader, that accelerates the site loading time, and when someone visits a web page another time, his web browser downloads only the text of that page and other elements, but not the style and the design which will save them bandwidth and also time waiting to get the content.

As with any website, you can enable or disable the cookies directly from your web browser, and that way, you have total control and what cookies you can accept or reject from any website no matter if you have Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Your data is protected

As we said earlier, when we use analytic services like Google or track from what regions a visit come from, we store that data in secure servers located in data centers in the USA exactly in California, so, we don’t sell that data or even share it with any third party. After all, there are no names or personal details at all, only we know the device’s screen resolution, make, model, and how much time the reader spends on the page. The server is protected against data issues and we carefully monitor the system and update it regularly.

How to contact us?

When you have questions to ask regarding this privacy policy or others, get in touch and send us your message using the contact page, we’ll read your email and reply as soon as we can.