How to rebuild your life after the death of your partner

How to Rebuild your Life After the Death of a Spouse

How do you rebuild a life when you experience the death of a spouse – speaking for everyone, any loss that would be least of all excruciating? You first have to remember that you’re alive and are expected to continue with a life.  The suggestion often heard is that anticipating the event makes it “easier.” … Read this

When a man asks for your phone number

What to Do When a Guy Asks for Your Phone Number

Nowadays, people protect their mobile numbers for varied reasons but primarily because of scams and hacks that occur. Providing it to someone unfamiliar despite a spark of romantic interest can put you and possibly the work that you do at risk. If there’s a real connection, it’s often better to take his number or provide an alternative … Read this

How to deal with a friend who texts you too much

What to Do when your Friend Messages You Too Much

Nowadays, everyone messages or sends texts as their method of communication. It’s convenient and fast and generally results in a relatively instant response.  Occasionally, however, a friend will become digitally dependent, requiring constant attention, whether by DM, texting, or email. Sometimes if there’s not a quick enough response, the person will use all three methods … Read this

Tips for dating a fearful avoidant woman

Tips For Dating A Fearful Avoidant Woman

Dating a fearful-avoidant woman might give you pause as to how to alter your behavior in order to avoid making this woman disappear. In the beginning, things might be incredible with daily communication, missing each other when you’re apart.  Then you find yourself pursuing the new girlfriend, wondering why you’re no longer getting any attention. … Read this