How to convince someone to do something

How To Convince Someone To Do Something

The art of persuasion has not been gifted to everyone. Some people are naturally convincing in their efforts to get others to do things. But for many, it’s a skill that needs honing. The foundation lies in effective communication, as is the basis for positive feedback in any situation.  Looking at this topic from a … Read this

How to love yourself after a breakup

How To Love Yourself After A Breakup

Many people have good intentions when a loved one is experiencing a breakup, offering advice on how to navigate through the pain, things to do to keep busy, and help in moving forward with activities and socializing. The primary thing is to remember self-love. Sometimes that gets lost during the course of a partnership, especially … Read this

How to get your husband back after separation steps

How To Get Your Husband Back After Separation Steps

The suggestion is that some couples take a separation in order to take a step back, collect their thoughts, and consider the other person’s perspective on the rough patches being experienced. The idea is that understanding the other person’s point of view helps you fathom a solution more satisfactory for everyone or, essentially, compromise. If … Read this

How to make someone feel better when they’re sad

How To Make Someone Feel Better When They’re Sad

When someone close to you is feeling sad, it’s an instant reaction to want to make them feel better, but there’s also a sense of helplessness. That’s especially true when the individual doesn’t want to divulge the problem.  When you don’t know what’s happening, you can’t offer constructive advice. But the person isn’t likely looking … Read this