Best Tools to Search Contact Information, Social Profiles and Other Data

Depending on what information you’re searching for online, using an advanced background search tool like BeenVerified could save you a lot of time and effort compared to other ways like Google or Bing.

When we talk about advanced search systems, we should also add a notice that Google, as the biggest search engine, may not have sufficient data about people because of many factors. So, there is always a way to get information like phone numbers or emails that are probably not visible to Google or because the search engine has not yet found and indexed.

Recommended search systems

1. BeenVerified (all-in-one search by name, username, email…)


Here is what users can search with this search tool

Example of details found

These are other details that could be found on the search reports:

Search report example

Here are some social media profiles on the search report.

Social profiles

Search by username

This is the easiest way to know more details about someone on social media and discover information. So, make sure you type the username of that account, then, allow the tool to look for records online and show you the report.

  • Who called you: Just type their phone number and search for the possible owner’s name, location, and the spam score
  • Contact information: This may include possible phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc…
  • Public records such as the full name, age, relatives, associates, and even educational history
  • Property records: Just type in the search box their address and search the details

Here is an example of a report with additional phone numbers found:

People's other phone numbers found

If you search for emails, you may need to have a look at the device tab called “Email addresses”. The following is another example of a search for someone’s emails with this tool.


2. NumberGuru (Reverse phone number search)

This powerful reverse phone number lookup system works better than most of the sites you see online. It’s well organized in terms of reports and data. Also, this tool helps millions of people in the US to search for details about phone numbers they don’t recognize or want to know more about the owner behind them.

What details can you search for?

The BeenVerified tools allow you to use different search options to search the data, and that makes things easier. In fact, if there are no details through a phone number, possibly the person’s full name and state or email address could show more data. For now, here is what you can search through:

First and last name

This is the original people search way. If you know someone you used to talk to or meet, and for whatever reason, they’re not easy to reach anymore, you could search where they moved or at least get their new phone numbers, so, typing the name and city in the search box could bring the actual mobile number and address. If you know the state and city in which they live, add them; otherwise, select “all states”.

Phone number

If you suspect someone who called you is a spammer or scammer, just search by that number and search for them. A reverse phone search is a tool that searches for the possible owner of that number. It may show you the associated information such as social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, the linked phone numbers, the current street address, and old ones, email accounts, and more or fewer data depending on its availability.

If you’re one of those who struggle to recognize spam callers and robocalls, then, this is the right tool to use, reverse search that phone number, see who is behind, and block them.

This is another way to search for information about people through their email addresses. It does not matter if they use Gmail, Yahoo, or other providers. The database includes billions of public records, and that works quickly. Just type the email and search who owns it with name, address, URLs, and contact information when available. On many occasions, there may be other emails the person owns.

Nowadays, no one is not going to be happy when it comes to receiving emails from unknown emails, and in most cases, they could be malicious messages from scammers you should recognize in the first place, and block or report, and that’s how this tool can help.

Want to know who that person on Facebook or Instagram is? Or do you need to verify if you’re talking to a good person or a bad guy over the internet? All you have to do is reverse lookup their username on that website, then, let the search tool scan the database and search for a comprehensive report that you can download with his name, location, criminal history, and other data when available.

Want to know who owns a house, or do you probably need to know your neighbor more? Then, try this. It might show you names, social accounts, and phone numbers in one report. This is not only for real estate. Of course, you could see the value of the building or even the year of the building, but this is also helpful to know if your area is safe or dangerous in terms of criminals and other issues.