How to Find out who Calls with a Private Number (No Caller ID)

Are you looking for a way to find who that person is calling from a private phone number? And you need to uncover the truth of that unknown caller and see his details like name, location, and even social profiles if that’s possible? So, we’ll list the best options and tools without wasting your time.

Before starting, keep in mind that a private phone number with “No Caller ID” showing on the screen is not that easy to trace if you don’t have the right tools and information. There is a high level of privacy protection behind these unknown numbers in the US especially. Everything starts by taking note of any information you have about the person behind the phone line.

In fact, there is no easy way to find the owner’s name and address with regular options that anyone else is using. For that, we spent a lot of time testing and searching and what worked for us and for others are the following.

Finding the person behind a private phone number

To find the person who owns, or at least, who is behind that last call with a private phone number that’s not showing up, use the following options as we ranked them. Some of these techniques work well for masked numbers with “No Caller ID”, on mobile, while others work best for landlines.

Step 1: Let the number show up

This is important because first, you don’t know the number, so, use an online tool that reveals the caller ID for private numbers if you’re getting the calls on your smartphone. We recommend trying “TrueCaller”, it’s the most popular caller identification app for both Android and iOS devices. For landlines, immediately dial *69 after the call ends, which will send a request to the phone carrier to tell you the ID (this works only for the last call).

Step 2: Lookup that number, and find who it belongs to

This is the best part, with this lookup tool, you can type that contact number you just found, and search. Next, if there is any known person behind, you’ll get all the caller details including their name, address, other numbers they use, what they do, and more. That way, you have more options to contact them if you like or block their other numbers, or find any of their social media accounts.

Note: The next information is only for step 2, which means, we’re going to use the phone number we found, and then, identify them (if you can’t see the number yet, use Step 1 above). These are the best tools we recommend using to identify the found telephone number with good reports.

Use advanced caller identification tools

The tool in step 1 above is a great way to locate and identify almost any private cell phone number in the USA. In reality, lots of people just like you struggle with finding who that number belongs to with free lookup tools. But when that shows up on their screen, things are going to be easier because they have the contact information to search with. Unlike what other tools do, this one has a huge database of numbers, and it updates the data on a daily basis.

Thus, you’ll find new details about the number when the systems find them online with its sophisticated algorithm and deep web searching. But remember, it does not show you the hidden number, you need to use an application that shows the caller number or ID first, then, use this option to see who is behind.

That being said, it’s a great system that you can use to find your friends’ numbers, and other contact details you don’t know about. Just search by number, name, or even username or email and you’ll unlock lots of hidden information about them including background searches, and it’s not only for identifying unknown callers.

The system gets data from different sources like private databases, social media platforms, forums, and more. So, the program works like no other website, and it finds almost every single detail about the numbers, people, and social media. Then, it shows these details in a clear and well-organized way.

What you’ll find like details?

When visiting the website, make sure you type the exact phone number that called after unmasking its “private” issue. After that, click on the search button and let the system do the hard search automatically. Then, the search system organizes the details it finds by type, category, and importance.

Now, the user will find in the first place, the phone number owner with their full name, address, and other details. Then, he’ll find the other contact information, the person’s age, address history, and of course, the social media profiles if there are any of them.

So, even if the number is private, blocked or for any reason, you still have the option to contact the person behind it through a social media profile. Even more, you’ll find other details about that phone number owner and the relatives, associates, and more.

By using this recommended way, you’ll get the highest chance to identify the owner of any phone number after showing its real Caller ID like the step above. The searches are 100% confidential, and secret, which means the user doesn’t have to worry because the person he or she searched for won’t know that others looked at their details online.

Another thing we should mention, the member area includes a long list of features and search options. Make sure you try the options to find an unlimited number of results about the phone number who called previously or any other number you would like to identify.

Other tools to identify phone numbers

Use InFoTracer

InfoTracer is a cheap way to find out who is the caller masked behind an unknown phone number, but first, you need to know that by checking your phone bill if that’s a landline or installing any application that shows the real ID of unknown callers. Then, let the software help with that, the search is instant, and the user gets the search report in seconds.

If the search takes longer, then, don’t worry, that could be because there are a large number of similar names and details that are too close to each other.

With this tool, all the searches are 100% confidential, and yes, no one will be able to find that you searched for them online. Even more, the connection is encrypted and fully secure. In other words, it’s a safe place to find details about the No Caller ID phone number that calls.

Phone Registry

Use this third option if none of the above works for you. Sometimes, the person who calls and hides his number might be trying all his ways to keep their identity unknown. So, it won’t be that easy all the time to uncover the identity of the individual behind a hidden phone ID. This tool is not better than others. However, by giving the search a try, you can have a chance to get the information linked to that person or number.

Use the search tool as usual by typing the telephone number you revealed in the first step of this page, then, allow the website to search for linked information associated with that contact information, it may bring you their name, address, and social media profiles if that’s available publicly. If there is a related account on Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat, and other websites, you’ll get it in a clear report with personal information about the phone number owner.

Why do callers use private phone numbers with No caller ID?

There are many phone carriers and lots of providers in the United States with options to hide the numbers and make them secret. Nowadays, that’s what telemarketers, scammers, and even criminals like to do, it’s easy to keep their identities hidden when calling from private numbers that they can alternate or change. In most cases, people don’t care about that at first. So they won’t see the caller ID, and that’s what those annoying callers wanted in the end.

There are many telemarketing agencies that use this tactic. In fact, they pretend to offer something that people would like to get, and of course, it’s spam all the way. So, if you are really wondering whether the caller is a scammer or not, then, it’s recommended to know who they are through number identification hardware for landlines or an application that forces the real ID to be displayed on your smartphone screen. That should work for iPhone and Android.

By knowing with whom you talk, you’ll get a clear idea about the people behind no matter if that’s a normal conversation or from unknown individuals. Sometimes, that could be an annoying call from someone you don’t even know, but that might turn out to be a legitimate person who wants to warn you about something you’re not familiar with or other problems.

It’s like calling from an unknown number for one goal which is to tell a message to someone who needs it, and then, he or she’ll disappear with no way to trace their identity or from where they called and who they’re. However, they forget that you can always trace these calls using one of the best methods we recommend here, so take advantage of that.


Now that you have learned how to find out who calls with any private phone number, make sure to use the tools we mentioned in this article. So, the first option will be the best, and it saves time and effort also. If you found other solutions and they worked for you, tell us about that in your comment, and we’ll try that to see who’s behind unknown numbers with no Caller IDs.

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