What to Do When a Guy Ignores your Texts?

What should you do when he ignores your text messages? We use texts to talk to friends, family, or businesses, and most importantly, to communicate with our boyfriends and girlfriends. Nowadays, people use texts more often than before on the phone and also on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc…

Whether we like it or not, text messages have become the pillar of our relationships. So, if your partner is interested in you, he won’t stop texting you. However, if he’s not, he won’t text you back. Therefore, what if you texted a guy, and he just ignored you? What should you do in this case? Would you lash out or just ignore him too? And most importantly, what does it mean if a guy ignores your text messages?

Don’t worry; here are the tips that you should follow when a guy ignores your text messages. It doesn’t matter if that happens on your phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, or other apps.

What to do when he ignores your texts?

1. Don’t anticipate things

So you went out on a date with a guy, the date went smoothly. You both enjoyed your time, you were so happy and mesmerized by this guy, and you started dreaming of a passionate future with him.

Next, you exchanged numbers and agreed to meet again, but he didn’t set an exact time. It’s ok, go home, relax, wait for a few hours and send him a text saying, “I had a great time today; I can’t wait for our next date.”

Now, if he texts you back in a maximum of two hours, then he’s interested in you as well. But if not, then he’s obviously not interested, or probably he was occupied by doing his work or other things. So, that may be longer, but not for a day.

Listen up, girl, one thing you must know, there’s nothing that stops a man from texting you back unless he’s in a cascade or a serious situation like a family member’s or a friend’s death. And even so, he won’t ghost a woman he likes even if he’s busy. That’s because he can text you back saying simply that: “hi! I’m busy right now, talk to you later”. When someone ignores your text, he also doesn’t care about you.

So you see, it’s a simple equation here, if he likes you, he won’t ignore you. And if he’s not, he will just give you the cold shoulders. Then, please don’t assume that things might happen and fool yourself, be realistic and strong.

2. Lookup his phone number

When he ignores your text, this is a smart move to search for any hidden social media account, number, or profiles on other websites that your boyfriend or partner may own. In fact, it’s not only about his cell phone number. But also, you have more options to search using his full name or usernames and probably get a list of his associates, relatives, and personal information that Google is not able to detect.

Once you get a search report, look for details like the social profiles he uses. Then, see if he’s still active there or not. In many cases, there could be Instagram posts made by users who don’t prefer responding to their friends over texts. And that’s a way to tell if they’re active there.

If your new friend or man texts you first and suddenly stops replying to your messages on iMessage or WhatsApp, then who knows if his smartphone has a problem? Or there are hidden apps that someone else installed and blocked his functions.

That happens, and an excellent way to test the guy and see if he really saw your texts but ignored you is to use social media and also emails. Just give him another way to read your message. In Gmail, for example, there are add-ons that show the sender if the other end saw the message or not. Just search on Google for these tools.

3. Don’t bombard him with texts and calls

This is a common mistake that women make when a man ignores their text. They keep texting him, wondering why he’s not replying, bombarding him with nonstop messages, and keep waiting for his majesty to text back.

Oh no! Don’t you ever do that, and you know why? Because this will make you seem so desperate and pathetic, and men get annoyed if a woman shows signs of insecurity, clinginess, and despair. You don’t need to chase after him since if he’s really interested in you, he won’t ignore you as simple as that.

More importantly, you shouldn’t get attached to a guy you just met. Come on! He doesn’t deserve all this attention from you, just move on and search for a better man.

4. Avoid checking his social media accounts

When someone sees your message but doesn’t reply, you don’t have to spend days and nights thinking about that. If your man doesn’t answer any of your endless messages, and he’s online and active on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat, please, girl, please don’t stalk him. Instead, avoid looking through his Newsfeed and going through every post, comment, and reaction he does.

Instead of all that, save yourself the pain and block him. It’s not worth it, and dealing with someone who ignores your texts should not make you angry or stressed, especially if you just met once.

5. Ignore him

Don’t spend all your night looking for what you should text your boyfriend when he ignores you if it’s a situation that needs to ignore him simply.

If you sent a text to a guy and he ignored you, just ignore him, too, dear. He’s not better than you; two can play that game, don’t lose your time and energy on a stranger you met once or twice. Save your energy for someone who deserves it.

6. Keep yourself busy

When a man ignores your text, you know what you should do better than weeping over a strange guy who’s probably a player. There are other things you can do such as:

  • Go out with your friends
  • Have fun girl
  • Go to the mall
  • Buy some clothes
  • Watch a movie
  • Work out
  • Visit your family

In short, keep yourself occupied and make quality time for yourself. Indeed, you don’t need a guy to be happy, you can make your own happiness, and when you achieve that, everything will become easier.

7. Focus on yourself

Dear ladies, you should keep in mind that you are precious. Don’t chase after a guy that’s not worth it. If you treat a man as a prize and you should claim it, he will sense that feeling of insecurity and will look down on you.

Instead, you should take the time and evaluate yourself, appreciate who you are, and perceive yourself as the prize that boys should work hard to get. It’s you who defines whether you’re worthy or not. Thus, please don’t underestimate yourself and settle for less than you deserve.

In brief, if he’s playing hard to get, just ignore him and rest your mind. No one deserves your attention unless he treats you well.

8. Make yourself worthy

As I said previously, focus on yourself, girl, know who you are, your assets, and your flaws. Set high standards for the guy you want to date, and pick a guy according to those standards. Don’t just date for the sake of dating, so when you choose well, you won’t worry because he won’t ignore your texts unless he’s passed away.

Many girls don’t think about relationships seriously. You can ask yourself, why do guys text you first then ignore you? That’s probably because he’s a player, and he found someone else easier. And obviously, he’ll not stop cheating again on that woman because he’s not a good guy.

9. Connect with other people

When he ignores your texts, you should connect with your friends and communicate with them. So after meditating with yourself, embracing and appreciating who you are, now you can choose the right guy for sure. Then don’t hesitate for one second and try to date again.

This time you know how to play by their rules, make them want you, and chase after you. Also, show them that you are a real catch, and they will be lucky to have you believe me guys fall for strong, independent, and self-confident women.

Final word

To summarize, love relationships are like mathematics, one plus one equals two. That is to say, if a guy is into you, he will make you his priority, and he will not stop texting you back. But if he’s not that into you and gives you the cold shoulders, he won’t bother texting you back.

Hence, ladies, be careful, know your worth, and please don’t be desperate for love. You only have to follow these tips, and you’ll be alright.

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