How to Check if your Samsung Mobile is Original or Not

No matter what smartphone brand you have these days, there are many times when people find themselves in need to verify if that Samsung mobile phone is original or just a copy of a Chinese manufacturer or other kinds of companies. For that reason, this post will show you what to do exactly to verify the originality of your Samsung phone in easy steps.

Knowing if a phone is an imitation or not

Unlike the old days of making simple Smartphones when they started back in the last decade, the biggest device manufacturers are going smarter, and now, they make better qualities, so, checking the device’s appearance alone may not help to verify the originality of the product. For that reason, I prefer using the verification code in the first step.

Check originality with codes

As this is the easiest method, you can start by dialing the IMEI verification code *#06# and of course, press the call button as usual. If you get a serial number (long one) then, that’s probably a genuine phone, but also, you’ll need to verify that code online.

There was an official IMEI check webpage of Samsung, and now they removed it for unknown reasons. In fact, that was the first way, and it’s an official service that the company offers to verify if the phone is fake or genuine.

So, visit their site first, and you’ll see Four search or lookup options. What you need is the third one. You can add the serial number of your Galaxy phone or others and click the button “Continue”. Now, Samsung will perform an internal database scan and return the results.

Mobile phone IMEI number check

On the other hand, there are many alternative sites for device verification, but I found suitable for fast search; it’s a good one. Now, visit that website and type in the search box the serial number you got when verifying the device.

See if Samsung device is original

Next, you’ll get a report with details about your Samsung device, such as the year, model features, battery, specifications, etc…

If nothing happens or you get no results, then you can only contact Samsung support and ask them to verify your phone with the code you used before.

As we mentioned previously, using the code *#06# allows people to check and verify if the Samsung phone is fake or not, but also, they could use other codes as well to test other functionalities.

As an example, you can use the Samsung Warranty check online; it’s another service provided by the company’s website, all you need is to enter your phone serial number, and finally, click the blue search button.

Check if the device is fake with an app

The best alternative method to know if a smartphone by Samsung is a fake clone is to install an app from the official App Store. The best one is called Genuine Galaxy, in addition to the main function, the app lets users know details about the speed and performance of their devices compared to millions of others in the world.

Thus, smartphone owners know what to do to improve the device’s security and speed by disabling unwanted options or tools.

That’s the best way to identify a fake Samsung mobile phone compared to the genuine and original copies. Next time you buy a phone, make sure to check the product screenshots, images from different angles, features, and specifications using the official website. That way, you get a clear idea, and you can compare the device you get with the ones listed on the Samsung website.

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