What to Do If your Boyfriend is Ignoring you After a Fight?

What should you do when your boyfriend is ignoring you after an argument? Being ignored by the one person that you love and care about is the ugliest feeling ever. Indeed, nothing hurts as much as reaching out to your boyfriend and getting nothing but cold shoulders.

According to researchers, getting ignored by your boyfriend is an alarming sign for your future together and can make your relationship so toxic. Therefore, here are the best things you can do to handle the problem when your guy is ignoring your texts, and calls, or even refusing to see you after an argument.

When a guy ignores you, do these things

1. Give him space to clear his mind

If you had a fight with your boyfriend and he’s avoiding you, give him some space so that he can clear his mind. But how long should you give him space after a fight? Is it one day, a week, or less? In reality, a 3-day role is what most people need to clear their minds after being in an argument.

It’s better that way, maybe he wants to stay alone. So he won’t say things that he will regret later. He doesn’t want to hurt you if you happen to misunderstand what he says.

For that reason, the guy prefers to retreat and ease off his anger rather than worsen the situation. Even if your boyfriend hasn’t talked to you in a week after a fight, then, just be patient; he will come around when he’s ready.

2. Stop calling and texting him

Lots of girls struggle in these situations and feel confused. So, when the boyfriend is ignoring them without a clear reason, they wonder if they should text him or not. I can understand that feeling of being lost because you did nothing wrong. But also, you start to look for a long list of reasons why that happens.

If your guy goes silent after an argument, you should better not bombard him with phone calls and texts. He’s clearly ignoring your calls for a reason, don’t be so annoying and desperate. If your crush doesn’t turn your calls, it means that he wants to be alone for the time being.

So, he’s acting so insecure and clingy. That will make him madder and fed up with you. Instead, don’t be so pushy and insecure because this will make your man more stubborn.

When your boyfriend is distant after an argument, you don’t have to check your WhatsApp or iMessage every single minute. Just think about the whole issue and do other things you like such as running, walking, dining with friends, etc…You don’t have to keep looking at your cell phone all day to see if he sent a text or posted something on Facebook, etc…

3. Don’t jump to conclusions

If your guy is not picking up your calls or returning your messages on WhatsApp or Facebook, don’t panic and assume the worst. This is indeed what most girls do. They always think that if he’s ignoring them, then he’s cheating with another female or wants to break up with them.

Instead of that, slow down there. As I said above, the man wants to have some space to clear his mind, or simply he’s having a bad day at work and doesn’t want to talk to anyone, even you. We all go through that feeling and prefer to be alone. Hence, panic for nothing.

4. Apologize to him

Even if he’s ignoring you after a fight, and after going home, resting, and realizing that maybe you were overreacting a little bit and that things could have been handled a lot better, it would be great if you apologize.

There’s nothing wrong with that, on the contrary. This shows how mature and caring a person you are. And how much you love your boyfriend. You can tell your man that you’re sorry and how much you regret what you did. Showing your love through texting is powerful these days. In fact, he will appreciate that, and he will know that he’s actually important to you.

I understand that when your boyfriend suddenly ignores you, it hurts because you don’t know why. But what if you did something wrong without noticing it? We make tiny mistakes, and even a single issue could be easily solved by talking to each other.

Here is what to say to your boyfriend when he ignores you, first, apologize if you did something wrong. Next, tell him that you’re human after all and all humans make mistakes.

No one is like an angel, and he should not be mad at you forever. But also, make him believe in you again by showing your goodwill for future goals. And why not invite him for dinner or just for a coffee? You can understand each other that way and have a good time.

If your husband or partner is not looking at your texts, you should find another way to get his other contact details. So, make sure you look for his accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Viber if he uses one.

Then, send a message to your boyfriend who is ignoring you, and tell him what you have in mind. So, Facebook can damage relationships, but also, it can also repair things and fix problems.

5. Evaluate the situation

Every relationship needs evaluation to know if it is worth fighting for or not. Hence sit with yourself and evaluate the pros and cons of your romantic relationship. Some of the questions to ask when your partner starts ignoring you are the following:

  • Do you fight a lot?
  • Does he always get angry when you’re having a normal conversation?
  • Doesn’t he give so much importance to your opinions and doesn’t consider them?
  • Does he make a scene when you talk about a specific subject?

As a matter of fact, you should take into consideration all these warning signs to determine what you should do next. You should ask for your friends’ or family’s opinions for better clarification since they know what is better for you. They have been there with you since the first day you met your boyfriend, and they can give you a subjective point of view.

In addition, relatives and people you trust can help you figure out if your partner is hiding secrets or acting differently and what that could mean.

6. Follow the three days rule

It’s said that if you want to know if he still loves you after a fight and can’t live without you, follow the three-day rule. If you notice that your boyfriend ignores you when he’s mad, then, maybe there is a problem he struggles to fix.

In addition, if the guy spent two days without contacting you, then, he’s probably taking the time to clear his mind. Which is not a bad thing after all. But if the third day passes by, and you still hear no word from him, then, he actually doesn’t care about you at all, and he’s using your fight as an excuse to break up with you. Giving space in a relationship after a fight is essential, but it should not be forever.

7. Ignore him

If it’s been days now, and your boyfriend is still ignoring you, and this is hurting you so badly, here’s what you should do. Just ignore him, girl, as he’s ignoring you. When the guy ghosted you after a fight, give him a taste of his own medicine. Let him taste what it feels like to be blown off too.

Give him what he’s asking for. And you know what is the best of them all? Leave him. That’s what you should do because he won’t ignore you even for one day if he truly loves you. When you ignore him back, that’s a way to make him miss you after the argument.

8. Talk to him and try to understand what’s going on

If your guy is still angry and refusing to talk to you, go to his house and try to have a mature conversation with him. Ask him about the reasons why he’s behaving this way, and tell him to be honest with you. And directly see if there’s some other girl that he’s leaving you for.

Additionally, when your boyfriend won’t talk to you after a fight, see if he has other problems that he wants to tell you about. Just tell him to man up and be honest with you. Your feelings are not a game for him, and if he’s done with you, then he shouldn’t waste your time. That’s the ideal way to break the silence after a fight no matter if that lasts for days, weeks, or even months.

9. Make yourself worthy

Don’t waste time asking millions of questions, like what to do after a fight with your boyfriend. If you believe that you’ve done nothing wrong and that your boyfriend is overreacting, being childish, and immature, then let him play his sick games elsewhere.

Don’t let him treat you that way and make yourself worthy. If he ignores you, then consider him inexistent. It’s time to let the guy know that no matter what, he has no right to look down on you. Don’t you ever settle down for less than you deserve?

10. Break up with him

Finally, if your boyfriend tends to give you the silent treatment, most of the time, this is a real red flag that there is another female in his life or he’s just a player. So every time you argue, he ignores you. He treats you like you don’t exist. He lives his life as if nothing has happened while you’re sick and worried about him.

Feeling guilty and even worse, blaming yourself, is indeed catastrophic. That’s because he’s hurting you and he knows that he’s doing that. Actually, that’s why he’s embracing this behavior. “I’m ignoring you because I’m mad at you, and by ignoring you I’m hurting you, and this is how I’m going to punish you so you won’t do it again.”

Oh my God, this is so toxic and low in any relationship! You should never ever put up with someone like that. No one should make you feel worthless. Therefore, you should do yourself a favor and break up with him. That’s how to make him regret ignoring you.


To conclude, it’s unhealthy for couples or even close friends to ignore each other. They should better sit together and solve their problems like any other mature couple. Hence, if your boyfriend is giving you cold shoulders after every fight. I believe you now know better what you have to do.

There are many reasons why a boyfriend starts to act differently by avoiding his girl and ignoring her. And that means there is something wrong with that relationship. But always, the best way to fix that is always talking honestly.

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