Do dating sites send fake messages?

Do Dating Sites Send Fake Messages?

A reality for your relationship might be that you and a partner share your mobile devices, divulge passwords and social network details, even check in on the other’s email.  There are no secrets, only express trust, and there has never been a reason for doubt. But when messages start to appear in the inbox from … Read this

How to find out if your boyfriend has a criminal record

How To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Has A Criminal Record

Nowadays, there’s virtually no excuse for someone not to know specifics about a partner by the time you become exclusive or committed. In most circumstances, people meet for the first time virtually to decide if someone is a person worth pursuing dating or a no-go.  Many dating sites are now including background checks as part … Read this

Signs the guy you met online is a player

Signs The Guy You Met Online Is A Player

The digital world has opened up the possibilities for those in the dating world to meet a broader range of new and interesting people. It has also made it more difficult to recognize whether the guys you’re meeting online are players or genuine.  Some men (and women) believe it’s okay when it’s virtual to talk … Read this

Husband deleting texts from a female coworker

Is Your Husband Deleting Texts From A Female Coworker?

When a husband deletes texts from a female coworker, most spouses will construe that in only one way. That is unless you have a degree of faith and trust in your partner plus a communicative relationship.  If that’s the case, you should be able to ask the direct question and be satisfied with the answer … Read this