How to Find Out if your Husband has Profiles on Dating Sites

Do you have doubts that your husband is using dating sites? And you need a way to find him on these hookup sites and apps at once? So, keep reading.

With millions of apps and different ways to know people online, men may be cheating with other girls even from different countries. However, there are many working ways to find out what websites that husband is on and have secret profiles there. Now, read the full guide, apply my tips and tricks and you’ll find him with all the details needed like URLs, photos, and more.

Please note, I don’t want to recommend any search method that never works. Instead, I prefer what worked for others and for myself as testing. That way, every single method on this page has a high chance of success. So, the first one is the best and the fastest search technique of course.

Finding your husband’s accounts on dating sites

There is no need to access your spouse’s mobile phone or computer to find if there is any linked account on any dating site in his name. Just use the following ways and you’ll save time. The public data can tell you every single detail about people if you use the right tools.

Look for any trace on his web browser

If you share the same computer and you want to look at your husband’s web search history, then, this is a good way. You may find popular dating domains like eHarmony, etc… Google Chrome or Safari saves the cookies and the list of sites a person visits with the exact time and other details. But that won’t tell you any detail if he clears the history or user incognito mode.

For apps that claim they can let you see the spouse’s search history from your phone, just don’t let them destroy your devices. Most of them are bad tools that spy on you and never help. So, be aware of all their claims, and never install such tools.

Use advanced search systems

To find out if your husband is on a dating site, you need to try this devotional solution. Without a doubt, searching for information online is not as hard as it was years ago. But when we talk about the correct information, things can be different. Luckily, there are sophisticated systems that search for people online and discover their secret profiles on any dating platform.

Best search option?

To start searching for your husband on dating sites at once, use these search algorithms. Then choose one and type his name or username, and even contact number to search through.

If you get no reports, you have two more options that should work instantly, search through his street address. And finally, if that doesn’t work, you should get all his profiles on Facebook dating, Tinder, POF, and more by using the cell phone number.

The best details you can use to find your spouse’s hidden dating accounts are the following:

  • His phone number
  • The full name
  • His email
  • The street address

So, use them one by one as you may find more details in a specific search way. Also, remember that your spouse may hide another mobile phone.

Here is an example of data that you can find in his report. There may be websites linked to his email or phone number, and of course, that’s just a simple detail. You’ll find more. I recommend using all the possible search options to get all the sites he created dating accounts on or even using the dating platform by Facebook or Snapchat.

You may see the tab Social media & websites. So, what that may include is the accounts on many sites you don’t know about. Now, the trick here is to search for usernames, and if you find one, that’s better. Use that later to search the dating site directly. In other words, even if you find no direct mention of any dating site, you still have tons of information to use and search with.

The “Relatives” and “Associates” sections in the reports are also important, and you need to check all the people listed there in your husband’s report. If someone, especially female, is associated with a background search report with your man, then, that’s a sign of some kind of relationship you don’t know about. However, by looking up her name or social media account, you can find all the details. It’s all about the way you use the data. Make sure you search and look carefully for details.

Search with his email

Using your husband’s email address can reveal all the secret accounts in his name. So, there will be mentions for sites like POF, Tinder, and more. What you need is the email address, then, search using it. It’s better this way as everyone has a personal email. And that gives accurate reports without similarity issues. Also, you may find secret emails in your partner’s name. So, give it a try.

Facebook launched its dating app because they found Tinder works well with over 5 million users. So, that’s a big market for them, now, there are more than 2 million active US users with the system. Besides, when someone has opted for Facebook dating, his friends won’t be able to know that unless they both enabled the dating feature and matched.

Thus, when you want to find out if your spouse is really using the dating app or not, you just need to create another account. Then, enable the Facebook dating feature. Next look for any account that may belong to him. That can be hidden from your main Facebook profile. But not from the one you created for dating. Also, look for other photos; your partner may use them.

That being said, you need to know that many bad guys are using Facebook in the names of others. So, it’s their way to attract girls for scams, etc…So, using this search option should also be useful to spot a Catfisher on dating sites and social media.

Find him with Google

The challenge with Google is the huge number of sites that users may find with a single search. But when it’s time for the truth, nothing can work better than adding your husband’s name inside quotes followed by the domain name of the dating site.

The second option is to use Google image search and just upload any of his handsome pictures. Then, you’ll be able to find all his dating accounts at once and without doing complicated configurations. Next, look for the sites and click on them to see what the URL has to tell.

As a note here, the majority of social networks are also dating sites at the same time. So, even Instagram and Snapchat are used for the same purposes as Tinder, Plenty Of Fish, or even Match.

Millions of people use POF, Tinder, Snapchat, and others for flirting. This means guys are there to attract girls and look for some kind of secret relationship. So, neglecting this fact is not going to help any wife.

Instead, see if the husband is on dating sites, and see if there is any mention of his name, photos, or username especially. If you use the above search tool, there is a high chance of uncovering hidden usernames that the guy can use to sign up for a site like Snapchat or Instagram.

As many hookup apps like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid use internal search systems and different user privacy blockers. You need to create an account to facilitate the search. That may look like a waste of time. But if you don’t want to use a premium tool, this will work and needs some time. For that, create an account and expect what your husband may look for there, by matching him by age, location, etc…

The location is essential here, and you have to keep that in mind if you want to find if someone has signed up for a dating site like Facebook. For that, create a second account for testing purposes and then, remove it later. And always change your city in the settings if there are no matched accounts on his name or photos.


Getting the list of accounts on the websites where your husband created dating profiles is not that hard if you use public records or search engines. But if the account is blocking search engines from the index, and it’s hidden, it’s better to search the site and even create a temporary account to find the truth. Or use any premium tool like the systems I mentioned at the beginning to find them.

The key to success with these different search methods is to be patient first and second, to focus on one detail at a time. Thus, if you know all the email accounts your husband owns, use them in the search. Then, try the mobile number, etc…every information has its linked data, and the web is full of them. That’s why searching never ends, and many prefer monitoring the data with dedicated tools.

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