How to Find Someone’s Hidden Social Media Accounts

Are you looking for real ways to find hidden profiles on social networks? And you look for accurate search options and trusted tools that work for Facebook, Instagram, and others? So, in this guide, we’ll show you how you can easily find those secret accounts with simple steps and solutions.

No matter what the reason is, when we lose connection with loved ones or even when we want to find hidden accounts on social networks, there are many challenges. But when it comes to accuracy, only a few search methods and tools work and show up-to-date information about your spouse or friend.

So, I’ll show you the best ways to find someone on all the social media networks that are not visible publicly. That’s possible by using different details like the person’s name, email, number, or even photos. So, follow the steps and make sure you try the right search strategy that’s better for you.

6 ways to find hidden social media accounts

Use the following options and start with the first one; it’s the best way to see your husband or boyfriend’s profiles he keeps secret on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even others like TikTok and More. But keep in mind that some options work better than others. That’s because not everyone uses the same information to search all the social media sites simultaneously.

Some search tools accelerate the process and uncover any hidden URL in seconds. On the other side, some other ways work if you can spend time on search engines and even the social media platform itself. For that reason, you need to choose the right option for you to find what social networks a person is on, and see their photos, contact details, numbers, etc…

1. Advanced social media finder tools (best option)

If you have the time to search using Google and even the social site itself, then, start with that option. But, it will take hours and even days to find the right person if you’re lucky. Hence, if you want instant results, then, only these search tools can show you what profiles your partner is hiding.

This solution can help with advanced social media account finding technologies. You have multiple search options like the person’s name, email address, phone number, or even property like house, apartment, etc…

With such premium search tools, you can find hidden profiles on social media. And even more, there will be a list of friends on Facebook indirectly if you see their accounts. That can happen if their email address and data are public, of course. In addition, if there is a secret account, you don’t know, you may find it on his social media tab in the report.

What works best is the name of the person or his email address. But also, you can find his social media accounts by phone number instantly.

Here is another tip to run a social media search by email address and find all the hidden profiles at once. If you know only one email ID, don’t stop here. Instead, add that ID to email providers like Outlook, Yahoo, etc… By doing that, you can uncover any hidden email you don’t know about. And so, finding the secret social profiles using that address will be easier.

What can make the difference here is that anyone who knows, at least, the basic details like username or name can find old social media accounts. Thus, it’s all about details and some basic verifications.

2. Use search engines

When we talk about search engines, Google is the best of them. However, if you want to go deeper and find the specific social media profile that’s not visible for public access and details, then, use the advanced search system. It’s similar to the regular Google website but with more search parameters and options like locations, websites, languages, etc…

The best thing about search engines is that you can add different search terms. Therefore, you can start by typing the person’s full name, followed by the exact social network. Then, try a different domain if you find no results. Here is an example of how to find hidden profiles on social networks for free with Google search.

full name

Replace the full name with the first and last name of the person. And next, replace the Facebook domain with,,,, and any other platform you want.

Using search engines can help you to find your partner’s hidden accounts on multiple social media sites. Accordingly, it may be a smart way to identify people you don’t know about on Instagram or similar sites.
Also, you can find the person behind Snapchat usernames and accounts. That way, everyone can spot fake users on social networks and report them if that’s needed.

3. Search by picture

This is a smart technique to find hidden social media profiles. Believe it or not, with a photo, you can search on Google and also on other reverse image search engines such as TinEye and find the person behind it. But wait, we only need the social profiles. For that reason, visit the Google image search, then, click on that gray camera icon. That way, you enable the search using an image.

Using Google images

Now, there will be a Google search page using an image instead of words or text. Upload the picture from your local computer or use its URL if you want. Then, click on the “Search by image” button.

Searching Google by image

Now, you need to wait for Google to upload the file. Then, when the search results appear, see if you can find any known websites on the social media platforms. Now, even if this method works and lets users find someone’s social media with a picture, there is no dedicated option to limit the search for a website you look for. So, it won’t be that effective in finding profiles on Facebook, Instagram,, Snapchat, and others.

Verify the details you find with photos

Even if this is a good trick to find hidden photos on Instagram that someone has, it’s always needed to double-check the results you find. Or, add other search terms like the person’s nickname, or date of birth, if you know, inside quotes. That way, Google shows you only the exact match of the words you asked for. So, it will be better to find the social media profiles that people hide when typing their names with a picture.

Unlike browsing someone’s social media account directly when you try Google Images, there is a possibility to find more hidden photos on Facebook that are not easily searchable. But because of the site’s privacy settings, it all depends on many factors. So, there is no guarantee to find social profiles that are kept secret with the results, but giving it a try is not that hard.

4. Email

Finding invisible social media profiles by email address works well for those who use the Internet a lot with accounts on different sites. People may use the same email for all their accounts, and even if they change that, sophisticated search tools can find them. So, use the button above to search by email.

If you already have the person’s email address, you can use a reverse lookup tool and find his linked social media accounts that are public or hidden. In fact, public data may be easily discovered by these algorithms. But sometimes, there are limitations to technologies and crawling. Accordingly, not all the tools work the same way and find the same number of secret social accounts.

For now, you can start with Google and Bing, I tried both search engines. Instead of other details, you only need the correct email address, it does not matter if it’s Gmail, Yahoo, or whatever. So, use the following search parameter example for Google.

[email protected]”

With that search expression, Google will return all the search results containing that exact email address found on Facebook. Thus, you can change that to “”, “”, or any other site, no matter if it’s a popular social network or a new one.

Now, when you should find hidden profiles with an email address, make sure you already have the correct ID, like Gmail. Otherwise, when you type the wrong address, you may get someone else’s profile and not the one you are looking for, so, double-check that.

If we compare this type of search to others, we’ll easily find that it’s more accurate, faster, and better. That’s because finding social media accounts by email can reveal other data, such as real names, addresses, photos, and even a list of friends.

5. Search by their phone number

Using step number 1 (button) above is the right solution to find someone on social media by his phone number. Just type the number and look for sites like Facebook and Instagram.

The phone number is one of the most powerful ways to uncover people’s accounts on many social media sites that are not public. So, even if someone hides their profiles, there is always a possibility of being discovered in many ways.

The easiest way is to use the social platform itself to search for that number. All you need is the search feature or box. Then, see the results and click on them until you find the right account. On the other hand, if you want to find someone on all the social media sites at once, then, use Google’s advanced search as above. But this time, replace the search parameters with the cell number.

Typing the mobile number allows you to find out if someone has secret social media accounts. That’s because most apps and sites require a valid phone number to activate the account. Consequently, when someone registers for another account on Facebook, for example, he or she’ll need to use their main number. If that’s not the case, people may use, and other secondary cell numbers, and that can show you their secret profiles in minutes.

6. Search the social site directly

Sometimes, Google will not index a page or a social profile, if it’s not listed publicly. However, you can search the site directly, and find secret social media accounts, and that works for many. For that, log in to Facebook and use the search icon from the top navigation.

Next, add the name, the location, or any other detail you know about the person you need to find. Then, filter the results by “city” or others, and make sure you check the “People” option and not “pages” or “posts”. That way, you get the Facebook profiles that are hidden for that exact person’s name.

LinkedIn is also powerful for social networking, anyone can search using different details. That includes his or her name, address, or whatever you have like information. Now, browse the different accounts you find on LinkedIn, and filter them until you find the exact person.

If there are no contact details there, you can copy and paste the username you already used on the LinkedIn profiles and search for it on Google. If that username is used multiple times, you’ll find all the linked profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or others if that’s valid.

7. Check their phones

Even if this is not always a recommended search option, it’s a good way to find all the hidden social media apps that your wife or husband uses. You don’t have to waste hours searching. Just find the time to check their device and ask for that politely, of course. You may find an excuse like you’re trying to reach someone, but your phone has a problem, or things like that. Next, see if there is an icon for known social media apps.

To find hidden Facebook profiles, for example, click on the FB icon, which will launch the app. Then, see if that account is known to you or not. If the guy uses another picture or name, then, you have the answer, he’s hiding a secondary profile.

Also, people may check their browser history. It can tell you if there’s any secret user. And by looking at the URLs such as Facebook or other sites, they can spot unknown usernames on the list. And that means, there is probably a secret account on that platform.

If all the other strategies make no difference, and you are still unable to find someone’s social media, then, try this one.

Why do people hide their social accounts?

On the one hand, making the details and the full account on social media sites private does not mean it’s used for bad reasons. People may have different accounts on Facebook, and others on Instagram. But sometimes, your partner may choose to keep his/her main account on Facebook separate from the one they use for Work.

There are many ways that people can use Facebook for promotions or communicate with customers etc… Thus, keeping their personal accounts hidden is what many guys prefer doing. The same thing applies to wives who create Instagram accounts for their families and another one for public relations.

On the other hand, some guys keep their social media accounts hidden to cover their secret affairs. In fact, Facebook has a dating platform that’s used by millions of people. So, joining the site with the default Facebook account is a mistake that people avoid. That’s why many of the accounts on social networks are fake, and people behind them have other profiles.

So, if you suspect that your partner is hiding something, then, there are search engines to find hidden profiles like the above options.


Now, you have the tools and tricks needed to find people’s hidden social media accounts. You can use their emails or phone numbers to get the details. However, searching using their usernames or full names also. But it’s not that accurate all the time, like using email, which can find secret profiles faster.

That being said, you have to keep in mind that when you get the search report in a premium tool or even when you use Google, the details are not the same. That can depend on what search entries you used. That’s why diversifying the search options is what works better to get as many accounts as possible. Finding someone on social media is not that complicated. But when you apply the above tips, you can see the secret pages.

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