How to deal with a teenager who is lying to you

How to Deal With a Teenager Who is Lying to You

As an unwritten rule, teenagers will invariably lie to their parents. If you happen to be a parent that believes wholeheartedly that your teenager doesn’t or if you are one of the teenagers who does not, you’re likely in one of the few and far between and should count yourself fortunate.  It takes considerable effort … Read this

Things to do before buying a new phone

Things To Do Before You Buy A New Phone

For some people, the idea of buying a new mobile is thrilling. They can’t wait to get the prized “toy” and experience the novelty. And then there are those of us whose lives depend on our old, well-worn phone with the cracked screen and would need someone to yank it from our death grip in … Read this

My boyfriend wants to know everything about my past

My Boyfriend Wants to Know Everything About My Past

Transparency is crucial in relationships but does that translate into relaying everything about one’s past to their boyfriend. You can go a step further from transparency into honesty.  Honesty and trust go hand in hand to establish a bond between a couple. How does divulging what happened before you were together affect the bond you … Read this

Things to do when a child is talking to a stranger online

What To Do If Your Child Is Talking To a Stranger Online

The hopes are that most children will be smart enough to steer clear of interactions with people they’re entirely unfamiliar with and, in so doing, will avoid becoming the victim of an online predator, with the watchful eye of diligent parents that is more likely possible. The world wide web is a place for networking … Read this