My boyfriend wants to know everything about my past

My Boyfriend Wants to Know Everything About My Past

Transparency is crucial in relationships but does that translate into relaying everything about one’s past to their boyfriend. You can go a step further from transparency into honesty.  Honesty and trust go hand in hand to establish a bond between a couple. How does divulging what happened before you were together affect the bond you … Read this

Things to do when a child is talking to a stranger online

What To Do If Your Child Is Talking To a Stranger Online

The hopes are that most children will be smart enough to steer clear of interactions with people they’re entirely unfamiliar with and, in so doing, will avoid becoming the victim of an online predator, with the watchful eye of diligent parents that is more likely possible. The world wide web is a place for networking … Read this

My husband wont talk to me but talks to others

My Husband Won’t Talk to Me but Talks to Everyone Else

When your husband is talking to everyone but you, yet the silence says so much. Are you keyed in on the nonverbal cues or do you need help with the translation? Let’s see what he could be saying. When your husband ignores you but talks to everyone else, he might not realize his behavior depending … Read this

A guy likes you but he's afraid of rejection

Signs a Guy Likes you but He’s Afraid of Rejection

Do you have a friend who has been acting weird recently? Do you think that the guy likes you but he’s afraid of rejection? Or maybe he’s giving you mixed signals? Are you wondering if he’s developed a liking for you or he’s just being friendly? Well, sometimes boys don’t show their feelings because they … Read this