What to do if your boyfriend is ignoring you after a fight

What to Do If your Boyfriend is Ignoring you After a Fight?

What should you do when your boyfriend is ignoring you after an argument? Being ignored by the one person that you love and care about is the ugliest feeling ever. Indeed, nothing hurts as much as reaching out to your boyfriend and getting nothing but cold shoulders. According to researchers, getting ignored by your boyfriend … Read this

Why do married guys join and use dating Apps

Why do Married Men Join and Use Dating Sites Secretly?

Is there any reason for guys to go on dating sites when in a relationship? And what can you do to find out their secret accounts in one place? And most importantly, what’s your role as a wife or girlfriend to convince your man that going on a dating website or app such as POF, … Read this

Signs a guy has never had a girlfriend

15 Clear Signs a Guy Has Never Had a Girlfriend

Though it might seem unusual to the masses, some guys have many casual friendships with females but have never progressed an interaction with the opposite sex to a romantic relationship. Perhaps they were focused on other aspects of life instead of focusing on love. Or, among the signs a guy has never had a girlfriend, … Read this