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Would you like to know some cool phone hacks that will amaze you? And you need one of the best options for iPhone or Android? So, keep reading, we’ll show you a few of the best tricks that you’ll like and enjoy using.

Make sure you have the latest OS installed before doing anything, and if any feature is not existing on your phone, then, probably, it has been removed or modified from the time of publishing this article.

15 Interesting things you can do with your smartphone

1. Protect your data when someone else uses the phone

Would you like to hide your personal data when someone else like a kid or a relative is using your iPhone? Or maybe you have some sensitive data and secrets like photos, videos, or others that you need to keep safe when you let someone access your document?

So, if you’re an Android user, you can just use the Guest Mode option, it’s a safe and great smartphone trick for all, the Safe Mode lock and hides all your Photos, Gmail, Google services, and all the other things from your device.

To do that, swipe down with two fingers from the top of your Android device, and you’ll see the settings icons, next to it, click on the user photos or icon. Next, you’ll see additional options called “Add Guest”. Finally, click on it and you’ll lock all your data.

To remove the Guest user, use the same procedure and this time, click the “Remove guest” option. After that, you’ll be asked to validate the configuration using your password or fingering as you may configure one of them. That’s it, no one can access your private data when you show them something on the device.

Sending an iMessage with screen effects

This is one of the coolest iPhone text tricks that will impress your friends, all you need to do is typing the text as usual in iMessage, and this time, hold the send button until you get the option “Send with effects” which include two options:

  • Bubble
  • Screen

Once you choose the screen, you’ll get some 8 or so different animations, just slide them to choose one, some of these iPhone text effects are balloons. That being said, only users with iPhone will receive the screen effects as it’s a setting built-in device and not sent.

2. Custom case

Would you like to make your phone look cute? Then, you have many options to customize the case and add your own design. In today’s world, many companies offer the best leather cases with customized designs and even options to add a credit card or other. The best thing about making a unique leather case for iPhone or Samsung Android devices is adding your name on it or any other detail that looks cute and also interesting.

There are also Japanese-style accessories you can add to your actual smartphone case, just search for them on Google and you’ll find amazing things that surprise your friends, some handmade cases cost more of course, but they’re unique and more valuable. The coolest phone case hacks include strengthening the device’s protection against shocks even if that’s not supported by regular cases, the well-designed covers protect it well.

3. Protect your privacy and IP

When you browse a website using a smartphone, you’ll share your real IP address, device information, and even location. So, people can track you if they want and that puts your privacy and security at risk. That’s why millions of people prefer hiding their IP address and phone data by installing the NordVPN that kills tracking and offers 100% privacy to users for iPhone and Android.

4. Reduce the charging time

This is one of the coolest iPhones hacks everyone can apply right now, when someone plugs-in his phone, the battery charge will take a longer time because the device is being used, however, when the phone is turned OFF, or on Airplane mode, the time needed to fully charge the battery will be reduced by half.

This should be used in an urgent situation in the need to charge the phone as fast as you can, but that will prevent any call or text from coming in.

5. Get rid of game ads

Installing a game is interesting for many, but also, that free app comes with annoying ads that never ends, so, how do you get rid of all that? Just turn OFF your Internet connection from the phone if you’re using WiFi, and also disable the mobile data if you’re already using it. In other words, you can avoid the gaming ads when you play Offline. That’s, of course, helpful only if the game you installed does not require an Internet connection to work, especially for kids, so they don’t click on them.

6. Create your custom iPhone vibration for texts

This is one of the cool iPhone hacks in the “Settings” that you can use right now, you can customize your smartphone vibration the way you like. First of all, go to the “Settings” panel on your iPhone, then, click on “Sounds”, and select the best vibration from the list. Next, click “Vibration”, then, click on “New vibration”, and finally, you’ll get a screen where you can type in the center of it in the sequence you prefer. That will be your custom vibration for all the text messages you receive.

7. Testing remote controls

Believe it or not, this is one of the most powerful phone hacks few people know about, indeed, every phone camera can detect IR that the human eye can’t even cover. Now, when you have a TV remote control that’s not working, for example, you can use your phone camera as you’d like to take a photo, but instead of an object, use the LED remote control transmitter.

That small LED sends IR light to the TV or other devices Receiver, and so, if the remote control is not working or the battery has been fully drained, then, no lights come and that way, everyone can test if the remote control is working or not.

8. Auto Reply to missed calls with a custom message

iPhone users can easily create their own reply messages for all the missed calls. So, whenever someone calls, and you don’t respond, he’ll get your customized message delivered to his smartphone as a reply. That can be anything you want like “I’ll call you later” or something else.

To enable that feature, go to Settings on your iPhone, then scroll down until you find “Respond with Text”, next click on it and you’ll be able to add your own custom reply message.

9. Save data by turning off Ads

You can just turn off the ads on your smartphone by installing an app like Adblocker or by enabling airplane mode, this works for both iPhone and Android devices. This is not as good as we expect, that will stop making calls and receiving them, however, that can be a great idea if you have something to work on your phone, or browsing photos without being disturbed by callers or annoying promotions.

10. Showing WiFi passwords

If you have connected your smartphone to one WiFi source or more in the past, and you want to share the password or use it on other devices, what can you do?

Normally, when you can see in your WiFi lists of networks, it is just “dots” for the password. The good news is that you can install an app called “WiFi password Show” that will make all your passwords shown again. That way, you can share the same source of any Internet connection with anyone without asking for passwords again.

11. Turn your phone into a talkie walkie device

For those who may need a Talkie Walkie device, there is a system for that with advanced technology, GoTenna offers all the wireless telecommunications to save money and get more options including massages, real-time location, Map sharing, and more. Even better, the range of the device is up to 4 miles which is more than enough for outside communication with a better quality voice.

12. Hide your number for a single outgoing call

This may not be the option that all of us want, however, it can be a good feature that someone needs to hide his caller ID when calling a person for any good reason. On iPhone devices, you can hide your phone number easily for one outgoing call by typing #31# before the number you want to call and it’s done. Please note, that’s valid for users in the USA and it’s not guaranteed to work anywhere else.

On the other hand, you can hide your number from all outgoing calls by typing the same code (without adding any number, just validate and send)

13. Audio time

This iOS feature allows you to turn OFF all the audio that plays after a certain time you configure. So, for example, if you have a good e-book and you prefer listening instead of reading, and you want to sleep while listening, you can use the audio time options that will let you listen until you sleep. Best of all, your phone battery will last longer.

To access the feature, go to the Clock, and then, Timer, select the right time and then click the “When Timer Ends”, you’ll get a long list of options, you need to scroll down until the last one which is “Stop Playing”, click on it and it’s done.

14. Speed up your iPhone and clear the RAM

When you clear the iPhone RAM, you’ll instantly make it work faster, the RAM cache can slow down the device and you can get rid of that in a few seconds. To do that, press the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” appears. Now press the iPhone home button for 5 seconds or so, then, it’s done, you’ll notice a faster device.

Another good tip here to make your iPhone even faster, start by turning Off all the apps you’re not using, then, when you need them, a simple “Activate” should be fine. Lots of apps use excessive RAM, and by removing these unused tools, you can easily make your phone error-free and better in use. And also use an ad blocker app for web browsers, which will make things even better.

15. Add zoom lens

Using a professional camera when you’re outside is the best option to take amazing photos, but what if you don’t have that Camera? You can use a phone zoom lens, these Zoom telescopes come with different specifications, but in general, expect something like 20x zooming at least which is great for identifying objects and taking precise pictures. Some of these tools are specific to the iPhone, so they can be added easily and fit most models.

To summarize

We hope you liked these easy iPhone tricks, hacks, and hidden features, if you have other tips to share, we’ll be happy to read your email and share them with readers. There are many features that a few people know about on iPhone and also in Android devices and sometimes, people discover cool features by mistake. That’s why we prefer reading from readers and try what they’ve done.

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