How to Call Someone whose Number is Always Busy

What does it mean when you call someone, and it says “user busy”? And is there any way to tell if they blocked your number or if it’s just another problem? And what to do to fix that and call them?

If you’re unable to call someone who is always busy on his phone line, then you have a few options to fix the problem. However, we recommend verifying that indeed it’s a call waiting or busy line before doing anything. There are different meanings for a busy line, and it’s not like getting your number blocked by people.

So, make sure you try to contact that person again from your smartphone, then, see what happens. If you can, use another SIM card and see if you get any new message or network error notifications; that could help.

Busy cell phone number or blocked?

If you want to reach that guy or friend, but suddenly his number seems occupied most of the time, then, make sure you have the correct number. Who knows, maybe you accidentally messed with your device settings or contact edits, or probably kids did that. In addition, many things can cause the problem, and it’s not always personal, so keep reading, and understand the steps.

If someone blocks your number, you’ll not get a busy line. But you’ll get a phone ring once and then a voicemail. Sometimes, the caller hears the phone ring twice and then nothing or voicemail. So there is a chance of phone problems that happen. The person you want to call may not even know about the issue, and he’s unaware of that. For that reason, it’s better to identify the cause before calling back again.

Fixing the problem

Find their other numbers

If he or she blocked your number, then, always look for other contact details they have. People use second contact numbers, social accounts, and even hidden emails. Thus, by typing their names in the search box like the next one, you could search and get all of the cell numbers your partner or friend uses and contact them.

This is not a big thing if you use a trusted and advanced search tool like the above option that shows all the numbers that the people own using their first and last name, email, other numbers, or even the VIN code. We tried this search tool many times, and it worked well for 95% of the searches or something like that. So, it has a high accuracy to find the number that someone owns without even asking them for it.

Now that you have the person’s other number, it’s time to call them. This newly discovered contact number should work. But if there is any problem, it should be related to an issue with typing his name, or there are no details found on the web at all.

Send them a text message

If someone is not interested (in you, maybe) and really blocked your number or added it to a blocklist, they will not reply to your message. However, we are all human, and the person might have added your number to the blocklist by mistake. That happens especially with not adjusted Android touchscreen issues, and that happens a lot.

For now, if you try to send an SMS on his iPhone and let the person know that you found his cell number all the time, and you’re not able to contact him, they won’t receive it. That’s how blocking a contact works on iPhone.

That being said, there is a smart way to reach the line that’s busy on a cell phone without calling. All you need is to find a social account, another mobile number the person owns, or email. Next, send your message. By using the first option on this page above, you could type the person’s name or his busy line number. Then, if any WhatsApp account or Facebook profile is found, it’s just in your hands to send your text.

Thus, if he or she really wants you to call, they’ll fix the problem and browse their phone settings and remove your contact number from the blocklist. On the other hand, if you receive no message, then they’re not interested. Consequently, you can just give up if it’s not worth it, and never contact them again.

Reboot your smartphone in safe mode

If you hear a busy signal on your partner’s cell phone when there is no call at that time, then, remoting the device on Safe Mode could fix the problem. Smartphones come with a good feature. It’s the safe mode that lets you disable all third-party apps, tools, and settings and only use the default system for calling, texting, and everything else.

For Android, for example, as usual, turn OFF your device. Next press and hold the power button for a few seconds, then confirm the selection. After that, you need to power up your device. So, click and hold the power button for a few seconds again. This time, you’ll see the “Reboot to safe mode” option. Click “OK” and let the system start. Finally, dial and call the same number to see if that works.

The iPhone also has safe mode rebooting. So try it and see if the issue is caused by any installed application or by the phone carrier. If the user is busy on their iPhone, that could be a damaged app file that broke the system. For that reason, it’s worth it sometimes to take a look at all the tools installed on the device and remove any unused one.

Ask them to disable the call waiting

This might happen to your own mobile number and also to your friend or the person you tried to call. If you’re wondering why your (or their) phone is busy when someone calls when it is not in use, then there is something wrong with the device.

Even if you have never changed any settings on your phone, you may get messages like the line is occupied. Now, the problem can be caused by a system update or an app. So, one of these probable problems that could cause the “busy line” message is the “Call-waiting” feature.

To turn OFF the call-waiting feature in iPhone’s iOS, Android, or other smartphone operating systems, go to “Settings”, Then, find “Call”, and additional settings or its similar menu if you have another device made. Now, if you find a call waiting, then, try disabling it. Last, don’t forget to restart your smartphone to let the system apply the changes.

If you’re not sure about the system, it’s better to look for call forwarding and waiting in your user’s manual. Or at least, search for how to turn ON or OFF the call settings through a Google search. There are too many smartphones and operating systems that look different, and they don’t have the same features.

There should be a reason why your phone says “user busy” when someone calls. Hence by doing the above verifications, you may solve the issues and get your number working again normally.

They have blocked your number

This can fix the problem if you or the person you want to call has already installed a call-blocking app on the smartphone. In fact, many of us use these tools to get rid of spam calls or simply to block someone we don’t want.

So, if you think that you indeed blocked someone from your phone contacts, and then found yourself unable to call them later, then go to your phone “Settings” menu on Android or iPhone. After that, scroll to “Call Settings”. From there, you should find something like “Call blocking”, or “Blacklist”.

Of course, you can browse the blocked contacts, and see if the number of the person you’re trying to call is there or not.

If you want to go further for testing, you can Turn Off the call blocking feature on your phone and remove all the numbers on the blocklist. Then, we recommend rebooting your smartphone, which will allow the system to apply the new changes.

Some apps on iPhone as well as in Android activate a fast busy signal that’s similar to the call waiting for a feature once the number is identified as blocked. That also could be a problem of smartphone speed that detects blocked numbers after a few seconds from getting the call. In this case, it’s a good idea to clean the device from trash and bad apps of the files you no longer use or need.

On the other hand, if you have a previously installed call blocking app, you need to remove it first. If someone did that without your knowledge, then you can browse your phone apps until you find one that blocks the calls automatically. Some of these tools are called TrueCaller. So, make sure you carefully uninstall any of these apps. Then, again, reboot your device to allow the changes to work.

Call them through a payphone

This is for testing only, and you should not use it to force someone to answer your call and not reject it. To know if someone blocklisted your number and that’s what causes the occupied line beep issue, call the contact using a public telephone in your area.

The advantage of this method is that the person’s phone should allow him to answer the call if they did not block unknown callers. Of course, if the person answers, you can verify if you’re talking to the right contact or not. Maybe the number was not used for a long time, and there is a new owner behind; that also could happen.

If you have an emergency situation, and you want to force the person to answer your call even if your number is blocked, then try the payphone method. Also, when you call someone from another number, it should work. Even better, the person may accept your call from a public phone for many reasons.

Up to you

These are the best ways to successfully call a person with a busy line and get a response. Of course, these options work best if there is a problem with phone settings or apps that the user installed. However, if you still have the same problem and you’re not able to call them, make sure to let us know about the issue in your comment. Or use the contact page if you want to share your experience with one of these recommended tools and services.

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