14 Signs a Female Coworker Likes you

Office romance happens a lot, even though it’s forbidden in some companies. But some employees take the risk and break the rule if they believe that the person they love is really worth it.

So lately you may notice that one of your female coworkers is giving you extra attention. This indeed makes you a lot confused since you don’t have a clue if she’s interested in you as a man or simply as a friend.

As a matter of fact, there are subtle signs that can show you if a woman is falling for you. And here are the clearest ones.

How to tell if your female colleague likes you?

1. She likes talking to you

One of the most obvious signs that your female colleague likes you, but is hiding it is the number of times a day she talks to you. You can’t count it, right? It seems that she seizes every opportunity to talk to you and capture your attention. She swings by your cubicle to say hi, and she tags in at lunch break. She comes every now and then to tell you a joke. This, in fact, means that she loves talking to you and being around you.

2. She wants to be around you

So she’s most of the time roaming around you. She comes to your desk to tell you a joke or something she heard in the office even if that’s nothing that concerns you. And to be more sure, if she’s not working on the same floor as you and she comes around a lot to your cubicle then she’s definitely coming there for a reason, and that reason is you.

3. She knows you’re single

If a girl asks you if you’re single, it’s either she’s just being nosy and wants to snoop on you, or she’s obviously interested in you and wants to know if you’re taken or not.

Therefore, if your female coworker already showed you all the signs of attraction and she’s now asking about your relationship status. That’s because she wants to assure herself that she can make a move on you and claim you hers. Oh yeah! A woman got to mark her territory.

4. She brings you food

Bringing food and smoothies is one of the subtle signs that women do to show that they care about someone. Hence if your female coworker brings you occasionally, coffee, food, and drinks, and she goes the extra mile to bring you your favorite food and coffee flavor, she’s no doubt interested in you.

5. She always seeks help from you

Whenever she’s in trouble at work, she’ll come to you immediately. Believe it or not, she does it unconsciously because she considers you as her haven that she resorts to in times of hardships. Her mind now identifies you as her superhero that he will save her whenever and wherever she needs him. So, don’t keep asking yourself why she always keeps coming to you. It’s simply because she has a crush on you and she wants to spend time with you.

6. She’s always there for the rescue

As much as she likes your help, she as well loves to give you a hand. Hence, whenever you ask for assistance, she’ll be there immediately. Even if she still has work to do she’ll leave it and rush to help you. She is your assistant even though you didn’t ask for it.

7. She glows when you’re around

This is a positive sign that she’s deeply into you secretly. You’ll notice how her eyes sparkle whenever you’re in the room. Now, try to get closer to her, look her in the eyes and smile at her, then wait and see! Oh, God! Her eyes will be sparkling. Her cheeks will flash with blood, and she’ll start playing with her hair. Oh, man! She’s indeed head over heels for you. This alone can assure you that she likes you.

8. She idolizes you

Whenever you’re in a meeting or a work project, you’ll notice that her eyes are all on you. She sees nobody but you; all her attention is focused on you so whatever you say. She’ll just nod; she will be looking at you as if you were a precious diamond. That’s one of the subtle signs she’s attracted to you.

9. She keeps staring at you at work

One of the tell-tale signs that she likes you is how often she looks at you. Hence if she just looks at you occasionally then it’s nothing serious but if you catch her staring at you whenever you look back, glancing at you from across the room, always searching for you with her eyes. She for sure has the odds for you because women love looking and appreciating their precious ones.

10. Her body language will give her away

When a girl plays with her hair when she talks with someone, it’s a clear sign that she likes him thus when you talk with your girl coworker. Pay attention to her body language. If she keeps twirling her hair when you two talk, keeps looking at your lips and biting hers. In fact, it means that she wants you so badly and wants to be more than just a coworker.

There are so many other signs of attraction, but for sure, not every woman at work will show them. In fact, many females prefer not showing their feelings because of the fear of rejection or other complicated circumstances.

11. She’s taking extra care of her appearance

When a woman likes a man, she will go all the way to catch his eyes. So, if your coworker is putting extra care in her looks, she wants you to notice her. Now, she’s wearing more attractive and body-fitting clothes that show her body shape and intensifies her beauty. She will also have new beauty hacks such as having a new haircut, dying it with a color that matches her skin, putting accessories, in short, she dresses to impress.

12. She gives you compliments

Since she likes you, she will give you indefinite compliments. Thus, she will praise your outfit, she’ll notice your new haircut, she’ll like your man cologne. So, every time you bring something new to your looks she’ll catch it and give you sweet compliments at the moment and that’s not what regular coworkers will do.

13. She’s flirtatious with you

This goes in hand with compliments, hence she’ll engage with you in flirtatious compliments. She’ll flirt about the way you look, saying for example” you look handsome today” or” nice outfit”. Or when you shave your beard or cut your hair, she’ll say this” you look different today but in a good way” or “wow, your haircut looks awesome”,. Indeed, there are lots of flirtatious ways and the most important thing is that no coworker will keep flirting with you unless she’s interested in you.

14. She wants to be more than a “coworker”

Since your female colleague has feelings for you, she will want to be more than just a coworker to you. Thus, she will open more personal conversations with you and she will want to know you more outside of the work environment. Therefore, she will try to discover who you really are, your qualities and your cons, what you like, where you want to hang out, who are your best friends? your family, what are your favorite hobbies?

And she may invite you to hang out after work, take you to your favorite pub or coffee and order your favorite drink, smart move, isn’t it?

You may say that’s not a big deal since I can go with a coworker to have a coffee or a snack, but, your coworker won’t order your favorite drink.


To conclude, these are the most obvious signs that can tell you if your female coworker is interested in you. But here’s a piece of advice for you, if you like her back, step up and let her know you feel the same about her. And if you don’t, please have the courage to tell her you’re not interested nicely and suitably.

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