How to Find a Facebook Email Address when it’s Hidden

When it comes to finding a person’s hidden email address through his Facebook profile, or even the search box, you’ll see lots of ways that are wrong and never work. That’s simply because people hide their emails for privacy reasons. And so, it’s not visible, and looking for the contact or the about section under anyone’s account is just a waste of time.

On the other hand, some other ways come with higher chances to get that secret email address by following some steps, and here is the guide. Remember that when a method doesn’t work, just move to the next one until you find a result.

Finding a hidden email address on Facebook

If you want to find out the right email address used for any Facebook account if it’s hidden, then look up his details. To do that, use the following methods depending on what you have as information about the person. But keep in mind, this guide is for legal purposes only and we don’t talk about spying or any other thing.

Your boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other person who blocked you on Facebook may not want to get a message there. So, getting the correct email address can help.

Lookup their personal details

This is the best way to find someone’s email on Facebook if it’s private. No matter if you found the Facebook username, phone number for any other detail. That can help a lot when you use search engines that collect public data from different sources including social media.

So, even if the Facebook profile does not have an email, and even if you’re not friends, this can find the person’s email used there in other ways like LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, blogs, sites, forums, etc…

Using this Facebook hidden email finder search technique should save time and find the details faster. However, don’t forget to change your search options. For example, if you can’t find their secret Facebook email through their names etc…

Facebook photos

If using the Facebook username or other details is not helpful, then, try the picture. It hides powerful search techniques. In fact, when you reverse search someone’s Facebook profile photo, you can find lots of details on Google or other search tools that are well known. So, start with Google, copy the Facebook photo and search using it. It’s like typing words when you want to find something on search engines but this time replace the names with photos.

Other than Google’s image search, you can try TinEye. It’s also able to find and recognize faces and collect data with advanced technologies. All you have to do is upload the picture you found on anyone’s Facebook account. And then, click on the search button. Next, you’ll see all the websites linked to it. Browse them, and look for emails added there, and don’t be surprised to find other details in parallel with their email addresses.

That way, you can get the email on Facebook. But without the need to log in or even be on the friend list of the person. However, please use any search method for legal reasons only to get in touch with a person and not cause problems. Many Facebook accounts do not allow others to send a message unless they’re friends. So, when someone wants to contact that user, he’ll search for any valid email address.

Use their other social media profiles

This is not a surprise, if your friend has a Facebook account and you want to get his email, then, what if there are other social media accounts with his name on Pinterest. Or if they own a Snapchat account, Instagram, or other?

For that, follow this easy strategy. Start by searching for the full name of the person on Google. But add words like “Instagram” or any other social platform. Next, click on the search results, and once you find his profile on that website, look for details. See if his primary email is listed publicly on the search engine. Of course, that email will be the same one he used to sign up for Facebook and similar social networking platforms. And so, it’s his email address there, that’s it.

If that does not work, try another platform, and change the name on Google like this example of a search parameter.

person name”

As you can see, I used Twitter as an example. Make sure to change the name with the real one. If that’s not possible, use the username or the nickname you know about the owner of the Facebook account.

WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others can be used as well as websites to search for. However, I recommend looking closely at the search page as you may miss the correct profile if you get images and other details.

Try classified sites

You may ask whether or not it’s possible to find someone’s hidden email on Facebook. But Craigslist is not our goal here to use a classified website as many expect. You’re not going to use sites like Craigslist for other ways rather than looking for someone’s posts there.

In reality, Craigslist as the biggest classified website in the USA offers a long list of features. That can reveal lots of personal details you can’t find on Facebook. If you don’t know the person you’re looking for, search for his full name on Craigslist and see if you can find ads there.

This may look like a strange search method. But it worked many times, people, especially in the period of Lockdowns, prefer going online and seeing products, and services, or looking for help. Thus, they’ll add contact details and of course, the most important one is the email address.

In all the cases, even if you get no emails, but cell numbers, that’s great. Use that detail and search for it using the first tool in this guide. There is a high chance to find other details you never expected. It’s like a chain of details that are linked to each other. Consequently, when you use any personal detail, more information will appear faster.

For accurate results, use the search settings and then change the locations, category, etc… That might refine the results and help.

Extract the details about the Facebook profile (if it’s public)

This is the most important step if the email is listed on Facebook. If you carefully follow my tips and tricks, you’ll find their Facebook emails easily. What I’m talking about here is every piece of information that people add to their accounts on social media. So, we can use that later to find Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email address.

Facebook about tab

Visit the Facebook profile and see if there are any details like nicknames, locations, or cities. Even the photo can help to get more details.

Keep in mind that finding someone’s email on Facebook even if it’s private is not achievable using the contact tab. So, try the above options through photos and other ways.

Can you use the Facebook profile?

This is not fully wrong nor completely useless. That’s because when someone wants to find his friends’ email addresses on Facebook when it’s hidden, there will be the user ID on top of the URL bar. So, if the user knows nothing about online security and privacy, or neglects that, he’ll use the same nickname for social networks and sites like Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, and other accounts.

Let’s assume that the name of the person on social media and Facebook in this example is “Casey”. So, if you find his Facebook profile ended with “Casey2030“, then, probably his Gmail account ID is also the same. So, try sending an email to “” and see if he or she replies. Next, do the same with other email service providers like that, ending with ““, ““, or even “” by Apple.

I tried this method and it’s not always accurate or works. So don’t rely on it all the time. Moreover, it’s not that easy to verify if there is really a working email address by just sending a message for testing. Some people don’t even open their webmail inbox often. And others neglect the spam folder completely.

Even if you’re not a friend on Facebook with someone, there is always a chance of getting his real email address. Just use the profile details or through other ways. Try the above solutions and I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you used it any other way and it worked for you, contact us and we’ll see how it works before adding it.


Finding someone’s email address on Facebook, especially when it’s hidden, is not that hard if you follow the above steps. Some search methods require a little bit of patience to bring results. Others need just the first and last name of the person behind that Facebook account to show you his or her secret email address.

What’s even more helpful is that the Internet tools and search engines can find information about social media users like never before. So, use these tips and tricks and if you use another way to find invisible emails on someone’s Facebook profile, make sure you share it through your comment.

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