How to Know if Someone Has a Second Phone Number

Do you have doubts that someone has a second phone number and keeps it hidden? And your spouse or boyfriend started acting differently or hiding something? So, here is how you can find out the truth.

Trust in any relationship is very important to maintain a solid connection and faith in each other. But sometimes, things may be different, and the partner may hide another secret cell phone number that’s not easy to locate.

In this case, you can find that secret device or number. But remember that there are basic details you need to search with. That can include your man’s email, name, other contact details, or even their home address. These different types of information could help you to locate any hidden data that Google and other regular search engines fail to find.

Telling if a person has more than a one phone number

Nowadays, there are many ways to use it for communication, and one of these options is the cell phone. But that also combines all the social media websites, apps, and Internet tools. So, if you need to find out if someone has two phone numbers, then, here is how.

1. Search by email, name, or address

You may think about the devices you need to use. However, what you need is your actual spouse’s cell number, email address, or even his full name to start a search and find all his hidden contact details. For now, you can start with his email address because it gives accurate results compared to cell numbers that owners can change.

When you don’t have your partner’s email address, you can search through their first and last name. Just add the state if you want, and let the tool do the job for you. Wait a minute or so, and then, choose the right profile that seems to be the person you look for. Additionally, there are other search options to find his other phone number by street address or even any property details.

Once you find details, take the time to read every single piece of information under the social media and website tab. You may find accounts on Tinder, Instagram, or others. So, visit their social pages and look for any numbers that you don’t know about like a prepaid phone. But also, be aware of identity theft. Many scammers use advanced techniques to pretend to be someone else when the truth is different.

For that reason, verify the phone number you found, and call it. Next, watch how your spouse reacts, and that’s the best way to verify if it’s really his secret mobile number or not.

Some people try to search with popular directories. But they neglect the fact that they don’t list anyone’s hidden cell phone number. Only the details you can find on Google are listed there.

2. Anti-tracking device detectors

A good anti-tracking device should be able to detect any hidden mobile phone, camera, microphone, or GPS tool. In fact, the settings of the device can be modified depending on the user’s needs such as frequency, range, etc…And here are some features:

  • Strong magnetic detection
  • Sophisticated Infrared scanning
  • Anti-interference
  • Upgrade high-sensitive chip
  • Detection range increasing button
  • 15 Square meter detection range, which means it works perfectly for any home and room

Another good thing about this trusted device is that it can search and find any hidden camera or microphone. That’s because, in other words, a cell phone combines these two tools. It works well in bathrooms, dressing rooms, or bedrooms, especially in hotels that you don’t trust.

That’s not all; even if there is a hidden device on the car, you can find it by moving the detector a few times until you hear and see a strong signal. So, it’s not only for cameras and microphones, but also, it finds any device that someone hides because it scans Wifi, GPS, Cellular signals, and magnetic waves.

This is the best way to detect any possible hidden cell phone in your house, and it’s not just the number. So, try it and see if there is any suspicious signal that could indicate your man is using multiple phones.

3. Try the username reverse lookup

Use the above button and search by username to see if your boyfriend hides any secret mobile number. In fact, many trusted websites can find every username and detail that someone has online. This means if you find any detail that’s not easy to access in other ways. Why not search for possible contact numbers posted somewhere else on the Internet?

What you can do is reverse lookup his Facebook username or any other one you know. Then, let the software search for public records. In reality, each search technology is different, and the report may not look the same. So, using all the possible search tools should make things easier when there are no public records found about your spouse.

4. Use Facebook

Even if your partner has one single Facebook account, he may hide other profiles you don’t know about. Instead, you may go further and search for any hidden profile if you have doubts. Of course. What you can’t find in Google or other tools may be available as contact details under his secret Facebook profile or any other social media account.

People sometimes pretend to be someone else when they are married. And of course, they’ll list the second phone number to be called through and not the primary one. The same thing may happen with Instagram or LinkedIn.

Social media profiles may be different, but the person is the same. Luckily, the advanced first recommended search tool on this list lets you find most of the people’s secret phones with SIM cards. In addition, you can find any hidden account on social media in many ways.

With their huge database of data, the tools mentioned on the button above are one of the biggest background check sites. However, like any other tool, you have to start the search using someone’s full name and make sure you add the state and even their city. Meanwhile, when there is a known email address or a mobile number, the search will be faster and provide more details about all the cell numbers that the spouse hides and owns.

By doing that, you’ll get access to the right person’s background search without being lost between parameters and search filters.

Some tools have different databases of people with millions of records. So, if you get no details with other systems, use the next one. In fact, the databases are not sharing the same sources, and the technologies for getting personal information are not similar. Thus, having another way to find a specific person’s hidden number or a burner phone that they keep secret is helpful for many.

6. Face recognition sites

We added this method, but it’s not 100% accurate or provides all the hidden details needed as contact information. However, when it comes to anyone’s online presence, your partner may create accounts and add his picture on many sites. Now, what this method does is compare the face on a photo you upload and find the possible people on the web that look very similar to that headshot.

As a tip here, please don’t upload family pictures to protect your privacy. Just use your spouse’s actual Facebook cover photo or similar pictures already there. Next, compare the results and if there is any possible account, then, click on it and read the description, contacts, etc. That may hide phone numbers that your girlfriend or boyfriend kept secret there. Some of the most popular face recognition sites are and Google Images.

7. Watch them around

Spying on people is not the right way, especially in relationships to determine if there is any disposable phone number in your home. Instead, look for signs about that. You can watch what your partner is doing and how he reacts sometimes. Even without your notice, he can have two phones and hide a smartphone somewhere in his garage or places you don’t use often as he does.

So, let your imagination find his secret home corner or places where a phone can be hidden and used. If the guy leaves the home at a specific time, that may give you an indication of a phone conversation outside; that’s just an example.

Signs he’s hiding another phone

By carefully looking at the following signs, you can tell if your man is indeed hiding another mobile phone. In some cases, he can use different approaches to keep that number hidden from you. So, try your best to compare these signs with others if you think that your husband is intelligent enough to protect his phone and prevent you from discovering his secret affairs. Now, here are some cell phone signs of a cheating husband.

He has multiple texting apps: This is not always the case, but if your spouse uses like 5 different messaging apps altogether, then, that’s not normal. Guys often use WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, and iMessage or other tools to separate secret conversations with their hidden girlfriends.

He suddenly becomes overprotective over his phone. Did this happen to you? Do you think that from one day to another, you man becomes nervous around his phone? And he doesn’t allow you or anyone else to touch it? Then, probably, he’s hiding something here.

His number is busy most of the time. This is another clear sign that the man is having a secret affair. If he seems to talk to someone else and his number line is busy a lot, that could indicate unusual behavior.

Another SIM card. When someone has more than one SIM card, he’ll try to keep it hidden. But even with that, you can easily look at his iPhone or other devices and see if there are one or double SIM cards. Look under the network signal icons at the top of the smartphone screen. If you can see Two cellular network signals, that means he’s using a double SIM and Two numbers.

He whispers whenever you are around. If the guy keeps the voice as low as possible and seems to whisper when talking over the phone, that’s a clear sign has a secret affair. So, probably, he’s using another number on the same phone or there is another phone.

His phone shows more notifications than before. Just ask yourself if your man’s phone has started receiving lots of texts and emails lately. Can you hear that received message notification beep, days and nights? That could mean he has a secret number and even another hidden email address he uses for dating or hoop sites.

The guy is overactive on social media. Men who develop huge activity behaviors on social media networks have things to hide on their phones in most cases. It’s not complicated to conclude that by taking selfies and sending them to someone on Instagram or Facebook, your man is cheating. So, for example, if you see him texting someone on Snapchat, you can find what that username is.

What to do if someone has a second cell phone?

No matter what your partner has as excuse to hide another phone number and use it, you have to act smartly. First, understand the issues and ask yourself if there is any problem you have as a couple or friends. After that, identify the real issues and see if you did something wrong that led to that. Or, see if there is a new person that you think your husband is talking to or texting on that hidden phone or number.

Next, find every single piece of information about that person and check if you’re dealing with a bad girl or someone else.

All these investigations can help you to tell the truth, but that’s not clear all the time. For that reason, we do recommend double-checking the details you find about people with whom your spouse communicates with.

Now, when it comes to fixing relationship issues, this is not the same thing for married couples. That’s a little bit different from talking to your boyfriend about the second phone number he calls with. That being said, hiding another phone in relationships is not normal in most cases. But if that’s what you see with your partner, then, it’s time to talk about that

Ask your husband why he hides that phone. And why is there another number you don’t know about? You may get reasonable answers from him, and you’re the only one who can believe him or not. But as we said, don’t act fast, and take your time to learn more about that number and if he hides other things on social media.


To find every single phone number that a person owns and hides, you can use any of the options in this guide. Some tools allow you to scan the whole home for any hidden smartphone. On the other hand, other tools allow you to use the person’s email address or username. While others need his name or address to work and find their secondary mobile phones.

In the end, it’s up to you to choose what search method you need to detect hidden telephones and numbers. But for sure, we don’t recommend any so-called phone finder app or tools for iOS or even Android.

They just don’t work as they need special sensors and other technologies. Moreover, smartphones send and receive signals. That means, detecting any one of them will be a waste of time as others in your home, building or area also have smart home devices that also make electromagnetic fields. All that makes finding a hidden phone more complicated and harder, but with other solutions, that’s possible.

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