How to Find Out Who Your Partner is Texting?

When it’s time to find the truth and see who your partner is texting, you don’t have millions of ways. Some options work better than others and if your husband or a boyfriend texts another female and you have doubts about that relationship, you can find out who that person is. You can check for sure the identity of that unknown person, especially if she’s a girl. But please verify the details you find on the Internet.

That’s because, on many occasions, guys may exchange text messages with a coworker. Or they can message others to fix a problem or any other legitimate reason. But of course, in relationships, it’s important to identify any unknown number and know their real name, where they live, and other details. So let’s find the truth.

Who’s texting your boyfriend or husnabd?

The following are different methods to see the real person your husband or boyfriend is texting. So, start with the first one if you already have the number. On the other hand, the second technique is for those who want to read every message the guy sends on his iPhone or Android device. Besides, the other methods work, but they need extra time to find the truth. So, let’s start and find who is the female behind your partner’s text conversations.

1. Read your partner’s texts

This is not as good as many other options to catch cheaters texting. But of course, when it comes to trying to read your boyfriend’s text message, no other tools work better than mobile apps.

This revolutionary monitoring software is secure, trusted, and work on the following devices:

  • iPhone
  • Android devices
  • iPad
  • Computers
  • Online portal with a central monitoring dashboard

Instead of waiting days and weeks to let an investigator track your partner’s smartphone activity, you can easily sign up for a premium service. It should let you read what the man sends as messages and with whom exactly. In addition, there is a microphone recording tool, website history monitoring, and a long list of features that make everything easy and flexible.

Just search for some apps on the App Store or Google Play that lets you see your husband’s messages no matter if he uses Facebook or other apps. So, here is what it can monitor:

  • iMessages
  • Call recording
  • We search history
  • Visited website and dating apps
  • Instagram direct messages
  • Viber chats
  • Facebook messages
  • LINE
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Tinder
  • WhatsApp
  • BBM
  • WeChat
  • Skype and more…

When you use a mobile phone app, you also get the numbers your man called and the time. In addition, there will be location tracking in real-time if that’s enabled on his device. All that can help you to make a conclusion on whether or not he’s cheating on you or not.

But remember that when you use any App, you may not solve the problem. Instead, you may complicate things with your partner. So, it’s always recommended to talk about the issues.

2. Use their number, username, or name

If you’ve never used a reverse phone lookup tool in the past, then, you should today. All you have to do is add the exact number you found in your boyfriend’s smartphone call history or messages. Then, let the system find the owner and give you the real name and where she lives.

By just using this option, you can get all the social media profiles that the girl is registered on, and even find her photos, email addresses, and associates. In other words, there is no need for any apps to get into your boyfriend’s relations with strangers, and see if there is any sign of cheating or not.

That being said, make sure you do some research before taking any action when you find her email or URL, see who that female is, and read the information. That can help you to learn more without letting him know about that.

3. Check his phone

This option may not be applicable for all, but if you think that your spouse is hiding something on his phone, then, try it. The right way to find out who he’s texting for free is to check his call log and phone history. But to do that, you should first find an excuse to get into his phone.

Let’s say for example, that you tried to call someone, but you ran out of phone credit. Thus, you give him a reason to use his phone even if he doesn’t want that. Next, check his call history and look for any number you don’t recognize.

Men who cheat often don’t save a number of their masters. Also, they may save the girlfriend’s numbers with strange names. So, take the phone with you to another room or other places where he’s not around, and use your phone to record all the call history on his device.

Just use video recording if that’s what you prefer. Then, rapidly check his messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and see if you’re his only girl or he’s texting others.

If he uses an iPhone, click on the iMessage icons and see if there is any inappropriate text conversation, that may be a secret girlfriend. Also, don’t forget his email, you can check his inbox to see who he is messaging.

Later, you can use the above reverse lookup tool, and type those unknown numbers or names in the search box. When the search is complete, you can read the reports with real names, locations, and even social media accounts.

That way, you have more options to know with whom your spouse is chatting. Also, when you’ll be able to find out who he is calling and texting, you can easily tell if he’s cheating or not. But don’t always make an instant conclusion. Just think about that first and take the time to fix your marriage.

Other options to tell who you man is texting

Some advanced people search algorithms that combine lots of data and list them on the guy’s profile. So, there should be a tab for associates or people who are linked to your boyfriend. You may not be aware of all of them and with a simple look, you can determine if he’s texting another girl when you find her name or profile.

Also, make sure you check the list of phone numbers your boyfriend has, if there is any secret contact information, you’ll find it there. Now, the next are other strategies to see who is your partner texting behind your back.

Facebook has a search feature that allows you to type in a phone number and find if there is a profile using it, but that only works if the person has not prevented people from finding them using that number. So, don’t hesitate to try this search, Facebook is the biggest social network and if your boyfriend is texting a number that you can find there, then you have the account, photos, etc…

The advantage of this method is when someone turns off his number from being listed publicly, you won’t find it this way. That’s because of privacy reasons and more. But if another public record tool found the number before it goes private, you’ll find it with the above tools.

That said, even if your boyfriend is texting another girl, don’t just assume he’s cheating on you. As in many cases, these hidden conversations are normal, especially with colleagues or old friends. So, check that first and see the woman behind the account your man is texting. Then, read the details and make a conclusion.

5. Search for their details on Instagram

Instagram is the preferred social network for millions of females. So, there is a higher chance of finding that unknown number in your boyfriend’s texting app. However, you’ll need to give Instagram access to your phone contact list where you can add that number.

I don’t find that comfortable, that’s why I suggest using another number even if it’s disposable. That way, you can only add that number to your contacts on that SIM card and Instagram will use it to find if there is any associated account with it.

No matter what options you prefer, Instagram can help you to find who they are texting. What you can do is, first, launch the Instagram app on your mobile phone. Then, click on the profile icon (person) from the top bottom corner. Now, find “Discover People” and click on it. Finally, you’ll get two options to use, choose “Contacts”, and allow the app to access the contact list to find profiles, that’s it.

Even if the Instagram search options work, there is no guarantee to find a profile and see who the girl is behind texts on your spouses’ messages. She may use another number to create the account.

6. Just Google the names or numbers

If the person behind that call or text message does not care about his privacy online, you may find it with a Google search on a website or a social network. Some sites offer a commenting system where people can ask their questions and get help.

In other cases, users of these sites create profiles and add their numbers, so it can work. However, don’t waste the time with other search engines, if Google does not find that cell number owner, then, others won’t be able to do so.

If you think that your partner is hiding accounts online, then, Google search may be helpful. It can bring you accounts on Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and others. Thus, by looking at his profiles, it’s a free way to check the list of friends that your man hides.

7. Call the contact from another number

This is not what you may expect, but if you should know who your boyfriend is texting, then trying the call method can answer some of your questions. If you don’t know if it belongs to a girl or a guy, you can tell that from the voice. But it’s not that easy to get other details about that person behind the number from just a call.

If you found a legit number from a guy, then apologize and say you just typed the wrong number, that’s it.


Identifying the person who exchanges text messages and calls with your boyfriend is not complicated if you follow the above steps. That may take a few minutes or more depending on the option you choose. Social media sites can find profiles and help you know who the person is. But if they don’t work, use the first option as it finds the majority of cell numbers and shows you the personal detail you need.

Now, that you found who your spouse is texting and calling, you can check who that number belongs to. Make sure you think about it, if she’s a girl, don’t assume he is cheating at 100%, and try looking for ways to ask him directly. She may be a colleague in the best scenario. On the other side, she may be his secret girlfriend that you just uncovered.

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