How to Know if You’re the Only Girl your Boyfriend is Talking to

Is there any way to know if your boyfriend or spouse is talking to other girls? Or maybe he’s only seeing you and you’re the only one in his life?

If you have doubts about your boyfriend’s faith, and you want to find the truth, then, you don’t have to ask him. There is the Internet that can help you in many ways. Sometimes, people find themselves in the need to uncover the truth and see if a guy is cheating or not. But combining the following tips with the right tricks should answer your questions.

Is he seeing someone else? Do some research first

When you reverse lookup your boyfriend’s details like his full name, email, username, or cell number, you’ll find all the hidden details in one place.

The systems find social profiles, emails, and people related to him directly. Of course, you can see more details. But that’s the best way to know if he’s talking to another girl you don’t know.

Let’s say for example that you looked up his full name with any of these tools, and you found another cell number in the report. Now, what you can do is take note of all his hidden contact details like emails, numbers, usernames, etc… Next, look up every single detail of these and you’ll be surprised by the data that you get if he hides something.

The best thing about reversing search technology is that it combines dozens or even more sources of public records and databases. So, what you can’t find on Google, will be there for you using such powerful people search systems.

In addition, you can easily guess who he’s texting, by finding associates in the search report. And if these people are girls you don’t recognize, then he’s texting them secretly.

Top signs you’re not his only girlfriend

There is no definitive sign to tell if your partner already has a long list of females for a hookup. But if you care about your relationship, then, think about every point below. Moreover, by looking at your relationships, you may find hints and details that can tell you for real if he’s cheating or not.

That being said, don’t always assume that a guy is cheating because he texted someone else. That person could be his friend. So, carefully read the personal details and make a final conclusion when you do the research.

1. He is always busy on the phone

When using his smartphone all the time, your boyfriend can use hidden apps to exchange messages or talk to someone else and call. But also, he can get calls when you’re not together.

That’s why you’ll find his line busing sometimes. Try reaching him by phone or text at different times of the day, and see if he answers your call or just ignores it. If he does, then, probably, you’re just a hookup, and neglecting 80% of your calls is not acceptable.

Here is another thing that can tell you if he’s dating someone else. If suddenly he changes schedules or a date with you, and that happens a lot, then, the guy may be looking for someone else and spending time with her. That’s why he changes the time and tries to meet you later or another day.

Also, you can look up his main phone number and see if there is a hidden account on social media. That way, if there is an app, it will help you to know if he’s talking to someone else on Snapchat. That’s because when you see your partner’s secret accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Tinder, you can search for him based on that username.

2. He has hidden social profiles

Of course, you don’t notice that. But if he was using social media and stopped being online recently, then, maybe he uses a second account with someone else. What you can do in this case is use the green button above and use any of the search options to find what he hides as accounts.

Next, look at them and see his list of friends if they’re public or use the “associates” section in the search report.

By doing a background check on your boyfriend online, you can uncover his hidden social accounts with a few clicks. That makes things easy for you as you may see all his photos, secret accounts and get a clear answer about his cheating. If you have doubts, then, never think you’re the only one your boyfriend talks to. He can connect with others online and even see them in real life.

3. You know nothing about his family

This may not be correct, but if the guy has not introduced you to his parents or even if he never talked about that, then, he’s not serious. And maybe, there is another girl or partner. Guys who look for healthy relationships try to be transparent with their partners. And when things become not clear for you, that complicates things.

Consequently, the man is probably hiding something and doesn’t want to be with you for a long time. Besides, when being in a relationship, it’s always better to talk about families and meet them in person. So, not knowing each other is not going to build trust and solid relationships.

4. He always has something to do on weekends

With the impact of life, stress, and other problems, men and also women try to spend time with their families or see others and go out on weekends. So, if he has something to do often, then, it’s a sign he is sleeping with another woman. And it’s better to look further. So, you may look for what he says and what he does at the same time even if that’s not always easy.

By comparing your boyfriend’s habits on weekends, and doing your investigation, there should be ways to find if he’s seeing someone else on your back. You can try calling him late on Sundays and Saturdays and see if he replies or even answers a message. That’s just a move forward to find the truth, and that’s not always a technique to know if he slept with someone else or not. So, verify things first.

5. Lots of females on the Facebook friends list

Can you check the list of friends he has on Facebook or Instagram? If the number is like 50% for females and the other half for male friends, that’s normal. However, when your partner has 95% of his total number of female friends, then he might accept all of them or request friendship for other things.

It’s like the real-life image, someone who communicates with girls day and night, and someone else who just talks to them when they meet in stores, cafes, restaurants, or others.

For messenger, WhatsApp, or any other messaging app, girls can try sending a message and see if he replies or not. If he’s online, but you find his answers delayed a lot, then, probably that’s a sign he is talking to another girl over the phone or using Messenger.


These are the common signs to look for and tell if you’re the only girl he’s talking to. Also, there are other signs to check if your boyfriend is hiding a secret girlfriend or not. But start by searching for his online information with the first method. That’s the best way to find any hidden social profile he might use to connect with others you don’t know about.

Using social media or watching and thinking about what he’s doing can tell you for sure if a guy has a girlfriend or you’re his only one. So, make sure you think about the above points. And if you have doubts use the search tool in the first section and find more information about him.

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