Why does a Man Turn his Phone Off?

If you asked yourself this question, then you’re suspecting something but you don’t know what it is exactly.

So if you want to know the reasons why your man is turning his phone off, you just hit the right address, hence, dear readers, these are the 13 prominent reasons that make a man turn his phone off;

He’s ignoring you

The first thing that comes to mind is that he’s ignoring you, if you went out on a date with a guy then you exchanged numbers and when you get home, you called him to tell him that you had a great time but you found his phone turned off, at first, it doesn’t seem weird but if you called him again and his phone is still out of service, hence, he’s probably ignoring you.

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He’s mad at you

Some people turn off their phones when they are mad and your man is maybe one of these people, so whenever you fight, he will shut down his phone as a sign of his anger, as if he’s punishing you by turning off his phone, this is, in fact, is so toxic to any relationship, he’s giving you the silence treatment, I’m angry at you then I’m going to blow you off and leave you begging for me to turn on my phone.

He wants to clear his mind

Due to our daily heavy usage of phones everywhere and anywhere, some people become so depressed and exhausted of phones, so the moment they go home, they just turn their phones off to have some peace of mind, it’s really annoying to receive calls, texts and notification all day and when he’s done, he just wants to clear his mind and take some rest.

He’s not dependent on technology

Nowadays, it has become so hard not to fully rely on technology to run our lives, so we use our phones to deliver all sorts of things, from work, bank account, connecting with people to shopping, it’s really scary how we have become so dependent on technology. Therefore, your boyfriend is probably is someone who doesn’t like a lot of social media and technology in general.

He doesn’t want to spend all his time engrossed in his phone, so he uses it to perform some basic tasks such as calling and texting you and when he’s done, he turns it off to have some peace and to live his life normally without any technology intervention.

He wants to have quality time with you

Some men want to enjoy their time with their beloved ones and want to make every moment counts, so if you’re out with your boyfriend and he turns off his phone, don’t jump to conclusions and assume the worst, maybe he doesn’t want to get distracted and to focus only on you, he doesn’t want to waste his time getting calls and checking notifications, he just wants to have a quality time with his girlfriend.

He’s ignoring someone

He may turn off his phone because he’s ignoring someone and he’s fed up with their calls so the best option for him is to shut down his cell phone or else you would get upset over something stupid, it could be an ex-girlfriend, an obsessed stalker, or an annoying colleague at work, everything is possible.

He’s hiding something

If you call your boyfriend and your call is turned to the answering machine, recall him, maybe his phone is dead or is on silent mode, however, if he doesn’t get back to you then he’s definitely ignoring you or he’s with another girl and he doesn’t want her to discover his games.

He forgot to charge his phone

It happens that people forget to charge their phones so maybe your boyfriend forgot to charge it too, you know he can be caught up at work and his battery died off so it’s not always a big deal unless he does it so often then it is.

He’s cheating on you

The first thing that comes to mind when a man turns off his phone is that he’s hiding something from you, or why would he do that?

So he’s either cheating on you or worse he’s already in a relationship and cheats on his partner with you.

His phone was shut down accidentally

Smartphones are not that smart after all, whether we like it or not, it’s still a device which could be damaged, so maybe his phone was turned off systematically and he doesn’t have a clue that his phone is off, so while you’re worrying and having all these scenarios in your head, he simply doesn’t know that his device is off.

He has things to do

He maybe went out with his friends and forgot his phone at home, he could be sleeping too, taking a shower, playing video games, studying or working, don’t expect that he would spend all his time stuck to his phone, he has a life to live and he doesn’t need to keep his phone on all the time.

You’re too needy

If you’re a needy person who keeps calling and texting him all the time, he has every right to turn off his phone, imagine someone calling and texting you non-stop, even if he loves you, this is so annoying honestly, thus, I guess he’s shutting down his device because he’s fed up and wants to have some space

Actually, you should learn to give him some peace or else next time, his phone won’t be the only thing that he would turn off.

Talk to him

If you are this worried, just talk to him, ask him why he keeps his phone off most of the time, don’t let suspicions consume you and if he’s a good guy, he won’t hurt you for sure, thus, leave all these negative thoughts aside and concentrate on how to make your relationship work out, finally, you’ll feel it if he’s doing something wrong like cheating on you.

To conclude, there are plenty of possibilities that makes a man turns off his phone and I just provided you with the most possible ones so if you know your man well then you’ll know why he keeps doing that.

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