How to Find Someone’s Secret Email Address

When you have doubts about your partner, and if you think that he hides something, you may try to find your spouse’s secret email account. But if you want to contact a person, you’ll need valid contact details.

Now, in order to find their hidden email address, you’ll have to use the right search techniques. In today’s world of technology and data, it’s possible to find secret email accounts that people hide on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other service providers.

So people, including your husband, girlfriend, or anyone else, using basic details like name or phone number. Public records can tell a lot about people, but that needs trusted search tools that respect the privacy of users and never share that. So, in this guide, you’ll search and get all the hidden email addresses that someone owns in his name if there are any of course.

Finding people’s hidden email addresses

Sometimes, it’s crucial to reveal second email accounts that a person owns for many reasons. However, you need to have basic information about that guy. I mean his name or phone number will be enough, but you can also use any of his owned properties and even address. So, use the right option that you think will work best for you.

1. Search by name, phone number, or username

Because it’s the fastest way to find all the hidden emails that someone has online, using a dedicated people search engine will save a lot of time and effort. You can look up the person’s name and find their linked email accounts in a minute or so. Besides that, there are other search ways, including the person’s cell number and address. And if you already know his username, then, look it up and get the Gmail or Yahoo accounts behind.


Here is an advanced email finder tool that can search and show you almost anyone’s email even if it’s not visible publicly.

If the person has multiple email accounts, they will all be listed on the report and that’s much better than searching for them one by one. For privacy reasons, people also prefer using secondary email accounts to sign up for dating sites and social media. So, by using a good people search tool like the one above, you can find his profiles with emails, associates, and more.

The above tools work well for finding information and they have different search systems and of course, that works only in the USA. For accuracy, this is one of the best ways to find public records about someone using his name, city, and state.

2. Googling their full name

There is no other search engine that deeply finds detail like what Google does. I’m only talking about data that’s public. So, anyone can find the person if he searches the right way. But sometimes, people post comments on blogs or share something and neglect that their email can be identified and indexed.

Now, use Google search and type in the search box the person’s first and last name, followed by the word “email” or “contact” and if you know any nickname, use them, that can help.

Next, look for any possible email that’s linked to the person’s information or contact pages and see what the website has as details.

3. Guess their email ID

This is a simple way to tell if your partner hides an email address from you or not. But also, it’s not always accurate, here is how it works. When you know someone’s actual email address, you can think about other email providers that he might use with the same username. That’s easier for them to use the same username everywhere to remember it.

Let’s suppose the person has an account on Gmail, what you can do is search for any available username that’s the same he used, but this time, on Yahoo or Outlook. You can go further by sending a message to that email address. Of course, you need to use a secondary email and not your primary one. Or, he’ll notice that from the beginning and never answer.

Until now, this method works well because usernames are unique if they represent something. However, when you use a generic name like colors, places, or numbers, that may not be accurate and true. That’s why using his existing email ID as a search is better.

4. What about email directories?

The short answer is this, they’ll not work in most cases for anyone’s secret accounts on email services, but why not give these sites a try? White Pages is a well-known directory in the US that you can use and find records. Hence, when it comes to someone’s details he already hides, they’ll never work as the first option in this guide.

Public email directories come with data that’s already on Google, which makes no sense for those who look for specific contact details that are hidden. In addition, Bing and other search engines only index the pages that are allowed to be listed.

In other words, if the person is hiding his email, then, it’s not that easy to find it on these directories. But sometimes, people neglect their privacy and might use their secondary emails to create accounts on Facebook (second profiles) and more.

5. LinkedIn

Not everyone is aware of this powerful email finder website. LinkedIn is not any social network, but for those who look for business connections. That means users try their best to make their contact details visible under their profile information. And of course, the most important contact method these days is the email address.

Now, to find somebody’s email address on LinkedIn, search for his name first. You can also add some filters like the place where they work or the company they joined. Next, ask yourself if that person has any nickname or number which can help you in locating their exact account there.

Once you find that specific person’s account on LinkedIn, visit their profile and look for “Contact info” and click on it. Finally, you’ll get a popup window with all the contact details such as their email address, phone number, and social profiles.

6. Youtube

Would you like to contact someone, but you only find his or her Youtube channel? Then, that could show you all of their email addresses in one place. But here is a trick, it won’ b visible until you verify that you’re human. That’s the way Google and Youtube especially protect people’s email addresses online. That way, only legitimate people who need it can reach that email address and send messages to it.

Here is how you can track down somebody’s email address through Youtube. First, visit Youtube and search for that person’s first and last name. If that brings no accounts, search by username or other nicknames. In all cases, you need to find them on Youtube. Now, when you’re on their channel, click on their “About” tab.

Next, find the “Details” section where you’ll see “VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS”. Even if that’s for business inquiry, many users on Youtube put their primary email addresses, which is the same one they use for social media sites and other places on the web.

Here is a screenshot about how to find someone’s hidden email through Youtube channels.

Finding secret email on Youtube

7. Check their web history and devices

This is another way to find hidden Gmail accounts or any address that your spouse is using. In Google Chrome, for example, users need to sign in to use Gmail. So, that gives you the opportunity to see if there is any other secondary email your husband uses by just looking at the browser history.

You can do that by launching their Chrome web browser if you find the occasion for that. After that, click on the three dots from the top right corner area of the page where there is his photo or the icon. Next, find History and click on it, so, you have the full search and all their visited websites history about that person. Read the list of sites and focus on those that end with or other email services. Here is an example.

Hidden Gmail accounts

Here is another trick that can help you to find your man’s email address on Facebook indirectly. First, find an excuse to use his smartphone for any reason. Then, try to log into Facebook. If he’s already logged on, look at that account and see if you know it or not. If that’s his main Facebook account, then, log out.

Next, once you’re on the login page, his phone browser like Chrome or Safari for iPhone will try to autofill the username automatically. And in his case, the login username is the email address.

Now, carefully look for any unknown email that the browser auto-filled on that login page. If you can see one, then, you found your husband’s hidden email address. And of course, he used it for a Facebook account he keeps a secret.

Not every hidden email address is secret

Sometimes, wives prefer investigating to find out if their husband has unknown emails they use for cheating or whatever, but that’s not always the case, here is why.

Many websites require a valid email address for new users to create accounts. At the same time, people know that they will send them spam messages.

Consequently, they use temporary Gmail or Yahoo emails just for registration. Then, they forget about that disposable email and never think about it again. But later, when the wife finds it, she might think he’s cheating when the truth is completely different

That’s why, I’d rather say, don’t assume every email you don’t know about is used for bad reasons. Just verify that and see if you can use google and uncover any related details about it.

Why do guys keep their emails secret?

For many reasons, married men can use a secondary email address that’s hidden from their wives. So, ladies are not aware of these accounts, and because of that, they will start doubting and asking all kinds of questions.

Now, when it comes to reality, most men use more than an email account. One for their personal use, and the other one for professional communications. But if your guy keeps all of his email address secrets, and he’s using many of them, then, that’s not a good sign.

If you man hides multiple email accounts, then, probably he’s using them for dating sites or social media. In other words, creating a secret social media account on Facebook or Instagram with the same email address he used for the primary profile is not a good idea.

Others can reverse lookup that email address, and possibly find the associated accounts on all the other social networks. Consequently, people will try to use separate emails for each hidden account they create on hookup sites and other places on the Internet.

On the other side, when you should find all these hidden emails, you’ll need to use multiple search tactics like the one above. But when you try a few of them, you may uncover many of your man’s secret emails he keeps hidden from you. So, make sure you use the first search technique. This brings more details and saves time.


Depending on what personal data and contact details you have right now, you can find all the secret emails that anyone has, even if there are many. But that’s only valid if you correctly spell his name or the street address if you know it. So, double-check every search term to avoid getting someone else’s details. And, in that case, it’s not what you may look for and expect.

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