How to Run an Online Background Check on Someone you’re Dating

How can you do a background check on the person you’re dating? And what details can you find about your date? And is there any way to tell if he or she is a romance scammer or someone you can trust for free?

When it’s time to know for real if someone you are dating is good or not, running an online background check should be your best solution, to tell the truth. Many services offer accurate data, and up-to-date details about the person you talk to or chat with online or on social media.

Today, here is how to do a background check on the person you’re dating. And that does not matter if you met in real life or virtually over the Internet. Just follow the recommendations to get the best results and check if he’s or she’s a good one or another fake profile to avoid.

Best dating background check services

A website for dating background checks is capable of telling you who the person is. Also, it should tell you what your date hides as social media accounts or information, and if there is any criminal record for them.

In addition, the information these tools provide is more than enough to get all the personal information about people you’re dating. So, you may find their photos, hidden accounts, secret websites, and even emails or phone numbers in one place.

Up to date background check reports

Above are the best background check sites for dating and verifying who is the mysterious person you met online. Also, you can use them to run a background check on your boyfriend to see if the guy hides things or not.

They are trusted services to run online background checks on anyone from real life or from dating sites like POF, Tinder, etc…Next, you’ll find what they hide as social accounts, cell numbers, history, and more.

Of course, every tool collects data about millions of people in the USA using public databases and social media. Even more, these tools find data from deep web searches, which is powerful in finding hard-to-get people’s information.

Doing an online dating background check is highly recommended and even essential. There are millions of scammers on dating apps, and the best protection is always to identify these guys and girls. The last thing you need is to be catfished or scammed by someone who hides other girls he talks to.

Anonymous search and lots of data

Because of today’s sophisticated algorithms, there are many accurate services to search and identify people. You can use their tools to do a background check on anyone, and without them knowing.

Also, the search is totally encrypted and confidential. Moreover, the report includes the details you need to see about that guy you’re dating and you have a little information about him.

Here is what happens when you use any trusted service to background-check, someone, online. You’ll get the following details if they’re public or already collected in the huge database of data.

  • Their age
  • Real name
  • View their possible social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok…)
  • Online photos
  • Contact details, phone, email, etc…
  • Criminal records
  • Actual home address and the previous one

Remember that you can always find their cell numbers if you know their home address or emails. That’s the best background check tool for your boyfriend. You’ll learn more about him without asking them directly. If he hides secret dating apps, you’ll find them. And if he has someone else, you may see her accounts on Facebook or Instagram.

The best way to run an instant background check is by using the person’s name and location as a state or city. Or you can add his email address or even the phone number you have about him. That may show you hidden phone numbers and other details about your crush.

Because some tools like Instant Checkmate do not notify the person about your search, it saves long hours of research. Also, they provide better ways to look up someone’s details online. So, it’s one of the best background check sites for dating and social media sites.

How to run a background check on your date?

We’re in the 21st century and technology never stops in finding every piece of information about people. So, in a matter of minutes, you can have a full criminal background report about someone on dating sites. But of course, you just need to use the right tool like the options above. That can help you to spot a catfish on eHarmony, Tinder, and other dating sites.

Just type in the search box the person’s first name, last name, and state if you know that. Otherwise, use any other search method like his Gmail address if you have it. In addition, there is an option to reverse lookup his dating profile username and get his full background check report.

Next, allow the online dating background check algorithm to run a database scan. It can take about a minute to prepare the report. And then, follow the steps, if you’re not registered to the site. They’ll ask you to create an account to access the data in your member area.

Running an online background check before your first date can be as important as the other side of the relationship itself. You don’t want to deal with sex offenders or criminals.

Of course, the person won’t know or notice in any way that you did a background check on them. In fact, the search is 100% confidential and there is a member area that no one can access, except you, with a password and username.

Check if the person you’re dating is a scammer

Because human nature makes things complicated to determine or expect, you should never trust someone you met online unless you see him or her in person. Then, communicate and talk about different topics.

Using any of the search tools to background-check them will be more than enough to have a clear idea and make a decision to trust that person or not. That’s always better before starting any new relationship with a stranger.

Keep in mind that your boyfriend also may hide something. And doing a legitimate background check on him can save you time and also effort to search for the truth when something happens. That being said, personal information comes with hidden details about girlfriends, boyfriends, and relatives. So, it can answer lots of questions about people you have a virtual relationship with.

But even if you use the best background check site for dating, always double-check the names you see. Sometimes, search engines list the wrong social profiles because that user has changed their username. So, it’s worth verifying the details when you want to see if someone you’re dating is a romance scammer or not through background search sites.

Online dating sites and background check

The short answer is No, in general, there is no, actually, any popular dating platform that carefully selects new members and bans those with criminal records. Even more, there are thousands of sex offenders on dating and hookup sites with millions of visits and no one is talking about that. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for a site to investigate everyone.

That’s because many online dating services started just like that, and making the change now will cost them lots of users to be removed from the database.

Despite the fact that there is a controversy in opinions related to doing an online background check about dating someone, it’s essential for anyone to find the truth before the date.

In all the cases, no one can protect you from sex offenders if you don’t do the search yourself. So, the best way to prevent being in a relationship with a criminal who may hurt you is to get his criminal and arrest records history and check his hidden data through Internet tools.

Online background search matters

It’s all about truth, personal safety, and also security in relationships. There is no way to determine if someone is a good or bad match without investigating him online. And doing a background check will be the right option to tell if he/she is a good person to date or not. But why do we need to check if that person on a dating app is a scammer, real, or just a robot?

In reality, experts talked many times about the rise of danger in online dating services and apps. In fact, some sites claim they have verified profiles when they’re all fake. And others take measures to protect their users against fraud. While thousands of people are posting scam and fraud-related complaints about them.

In other words, you should never count on anyone else to tell you if a dating profile is real or fake. Or to advise you if someone you used to date is good or bad. Or to help you if that person behind that account on OkCupid or Zoosk is good or dangerous. Instead, take action and find the hidden information about them by following the above ways.


Now, you have an idea of how to properly run a background check on the person you’re dating online. You’ll be able to see their criminal records and verify their real identities. There are many details to uncover and get all their secrets. That being said, it’s also important to notice that you have to keep the data private and verify every piece of information you get through search systems.

If you’re not sure about the real name of the lady or the guy you want to date, then, double-check that first. Then, compare the details you get in the background check report.

Also, keep in mind that some ways work better than others in verifying the identity of dating site users. But all of them in the first section of this guide are the best in running background checks to secure relationships or even friendships.

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