How to Find Someone on Instagram by Name, Phone Number or Email

When you want to find someone on Instagram in 2023, you’ll get many options and lots of ways that never work. So, we spent time testing and looking for what really works, and in this guide, we’ll show you the right methods to locate people on Instagram by their name, phone number, email, username, or picture.

Best of all, you’ll be able to do that without the need to log in there or for an account. Also, you can find their details, contact information, and other social accounts.

6 Instagram user search ways

Even if Instagram can make profile data private, there are settings that people mess with and they may expose their personal information publicly without noticing that. Besides, advanced methods can scan Instagram profiles and find users, and link every username, email, name, etc.. to large databases.

So, the following search options work to locate people on Instagram and see their details that are not easy to trace and see directly, so use the first method that covers all the others in one place.

1. Finding a specific person on IG by their name

When you use any of the tools that we recommend above, you’ll save time and effort finding someone on Instagram by name. However, if you can’t see any linked social profiles, it’s time to see if there is any mention of email accounts they own.

In reality, when you have that data, you can find someone’s Instagram email to start the search with it again. And from what we used and tested, there will be all the hidden social accounts in one place. So, read the full report you get. When you search Instagram users by name, you get most of their online profiles in one place.

If you know that the person is registered on a dating platform or other sites, for example, Tinder, you can find his/her Instagram from that username. Just type it correctly into the search box. That said, finding people on Instagram by name is faster once you use the right search tool.

You can also use the same tool to find yourself on the Internet. That way, you can see what others can know about you, and protect your personal information.

Finding someone on IG by name

There is also a possibility to find people on IG by their first plus last name. So, make sure you’re logged in, then type the full name of the person you want to locate there. The internal search of IG will show you related profiles on that name. So, see if the user is on the list and when you find them click on their profile to view it.

2. Finding a person on IG by email

If someone has a Gmail account, for example, that’s associated with his social media accounts, then, it will be easy way to find that Instagram user by email address. What’s different with email IDs is that they’re unique. So, people often share the same inbox for all their online accounts.

That’s why using emails is one of the best ways to search for users on Instagram even without an account. It all comes with an input field to add the information to start with.

Keep in mind that even when you use any Instagram account viewer online, there is no up-to-date information as many sites claim. They can let you browse anyone’s profile, and that may work. However, it’s all about the time of the profile photos, publications, and posts.

For that reason, we recommend verifying when someone posted on Instagram last time. So, you get an idea of whether or not the user still uses that profile or left it a time ago.

Now, here is how to find someone on Instagram by email. First, use the above search tools we mentioned. It’s a good Instagram profile finder tool that works instantly, and best of all you don’t have to login to Instagram or even have an account.

Many of these search entries provide up-to-date information on social accounts about the person you search for. Thus, you may find their private Facebook email if it’s available.

Sometimes, it won’t be easy to view the person’s Instagram profile picture without searching with a specific method. For that reason, it’s highly recommended to use any of the search methods we mentioned above and switch search between email, name, or cell numbers to get higher chances of finding more data.

3. Finding someone on Instagram by phone number

Finding a specific person on Instagram without knowing their name is possible thanks to the mobile number. In reality, when someone uses a phone number to sign up for social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and others, the advanced search system mentioned above can trace that contact information anywhere on the web.

Also, finding someone on Instagram by phone number will be easier, but double-check that first. Otherwise, you may get someone else’s account if you typed incorrectly.

Now, think about this, what if the person has other secret cell numbers you don’t know about? In this case, it’s a good idea to use what you already have as contact detail to get all of his hidden details. Next, you can find Instagram users by the phone number you know about them.

We notice that lots of users have used this technique to find Instagram by phone number if they only know their contacts. In fact, finding someone on social media sites without knowing their name is no anymore a problem. There are many ways to get the profile like mobile numbers, photos, email, etc…

In addition to that, you can add try this search trick:

  • Add the person’s phone number to your contact list
  • Open your Instagram app
  • From your account icon, click on “Add Friends”
  • Now, sync your list of contacts
  • Choose that saved number on your phone
  • If there is an Instagram account associated with that mobile number you’ll see it with their name and username

4. Try Google

Google is well known for being the number one search engine for information about people. And thus, it can help a lot to see the social media accounts in their names. That being said, Google’s Advanced search tool is the best Instagram account finder if you use the following search fitter.


Don’t forget to replace the username with any word or name you know about the person you want to find on Instagram.

On the other side, other search engines like Bing can help to find someone on Instagram even without knowing their username. Just start the search with the first name using the above search parameter. Next, use any nickname you know about the person. That may bring more search results to filter and find the exact profile you want to see.

Also, if you want to locate someone’s Instagram account from Snapchat, Facebook, or other sites, make sure you use every single name or detail you find on their page. That will help in finding hidden accounts on many social media platforms at once and not just IG.

5. Finding people’s Instagram by picture

Finding a person on Instagram without knowing their username is not that complicated if you have any of the photos they use online. This is not a hard method as it was years ago.

Nowadays, there are many photo search engines where users can upload a picture and see if it has associated social media accounts or not. So, by using sites like Tineye, you can find someone on Instagram by a picture. But sometimes, you may need to find a high-resolution photo.

Thus, if you have an idea about their Facebook profiles, why not copy the profile picture and search using it for any possible Instagram account? That works in many cases as millions of people use the same photo everywhere on social media platforms.

Also, when someone reverses search for a profile picture from Facebook or from other sites, he can view the list of Instagram photos after finding the related profile online.

Now, when you need to find an Instagram account by photo, a good search engine that you can use is InfoTracer. It lets you upload the file and see where that photo is on the web.

When someone uses the same username on Instagram and Facebook or other sites, people can see his profile. They can do that through a simple reverse username lookup tool that can find their profiles faster. By scanning billions of usernames in the database, the search engine can tell you where the user has profiles online.

Of course, by clicking on the Instagram icon or name on the report you’ll get. Moreover, there will be a direct link to the person’s profile on IG or other sites.

Consequently, finding someone on Instagram from their Tinder name won’t take more than a few minutes. That depends on the data and other factors, so try it.

Here is a simple how-to do an Instagram search by username:

Searching Instagram by username

If someone has changed their username on Instagram, it’s still possible to locate his or her profile using that old name. That’s because modern technologies store the details in a way that links billions of data to each other. And thus, every piece of information could be traced on public records or through search engines.

Here is another trick for you to find people on Instagram from their Facebook. All you have to do is visit their actual profile on Facebook, then, on the top of the page’s URL bar, you can see their unique name.

That’s the username or ID on FB, So, copy that ID and paste it at the end of That way, you’ll find the exact username from Facebook on Instagram. Here is an example.

Finding a person's Instagram through Facebook


Now that’s all about locating people and friends on Instagram without the need for an account. You can find them by name, phone number, or username. Just get that data from their Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook, or other sites.

All you have to do is use any search tool recommended in the first section of this page and use details. You can see the name of the person, their emails, mobile numbers, or other possible usernames you already have in mind.

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