Why does my Husband Hide his Phone?

Relationships need trust and transparency to grow and flourish, without trust everything will fall apart, so what if your husband is breaking that transparency code and is recently behaving so shady and awkward? What if he’s raising your suspicions with his reckless behavior?

In short, he’s recently acting weird, hiding, and being so protective over his phone and this makes you paranoid and suspicious. Well, in this article, I’ll provide you with the most 12 prominent reasons that can make your dear husband hide his phone;

He’s hiding something

There’s nothing that makes your husband hide his phone as something that he wants to hide, so, he’s probably doing something that he doesn’t want you to discover, he’s definitely going behind your back and doing stuff that he wants to keep secretive.

He’s cheating on you

Your husband is probably cheating on you, he’s going behind your back and is playing Casanova with other women that’s why he’s stashing his device in fear that you catch him and discover his adultery, he certainly texts and calls her and that’s why he’s so protective over his phone, he doesn’t want to get caught.

He has a crush on another woman

He maybe has a crush on another woman like his colleague, your neighbor, or one of your friends and he’s hitting on them, sending inappropriate messages, receiving revealing pictures, you know what I mean and he’s probably sleeping with them, hence that’s why he’s being shady and suspicious, he doesn’t want you to catch him cheating.

He owns a second social media account

Your husband can be cheating on you online, he might have a second Facebook or Instagram account that he uses to flirt with other people, of course, he won’t put his real name but a fake one for sure, fake picture, and who knows he might be pretending to be a 25-year-old guy. In brief, he’s living a fantasy where he wants to fulfill all his sexual phantasms.

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He gets angry when you touch his phone

If your spouse gets mad when you touch or ask for his phone, that’s an alarming sign, as it is said there’s no smoke without fire if he has nothing to worry about, why is he acting like a douche-bag.

Furthermore, if you ask him about the people that he’s texting and calling, he would say that they are just his friends, even more, if you say that you’re not buying it, he would actually lash out at you, tell you that you’re a troublemaker and blame you for the whole chaos. How rude and insensitive is that!

He has problems at work

Problems at work can affect relationships at home, so maybe your husband is having a hard time at work and he doesn’t want to bother you with that, he’s probably getting pressured by his boss or else he would be fired, and this is putting a lot of pressure on him which made him behaving that way, he doesn’t want you to touch his phone or else you would discover that he’s struggling at work.

He has financial problems

Cheating is not the only reason that makes your husband so paranoid about his phone, he could also be having financial problems and is hiding it from you, he might have lost some investments and now he has no money on his account, that’s why he’s behaving weirdly and suspiciously.

He’s a scammer

He could be an online scammer, indeed online scammers lie to people and steal their identities and drain all their deposit money, so if your husband is a fraudster, he definitely doesn’t want you to know anything about his criminal business in fear that you would leave him or worse you could turn him to the authorities.

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He’s preparing a surprise for you

We don’t have to assume the worst, maybe your husband is acting this way because he has plans for you both and wants to surprise you, maybe he’s planning a journey to some exotic country for you to rekindle your love life and to have a new honeymoon, he’s arranging a birthday surprise party for you, or he wants to buy you something and doesn’t want you to ruin the surprise, so he has good intentions but he couldn’t handle things better than this way.

He works a highly sensitive job

Another reason that could make your husband dearly protective of his device is the nature of his work, maybe he’s working a highly sensitive job that under no circumstance no one should see or get hold of the information that he has in his phone, in fact, he could face legal charges if an unauthorized person had those data and you’re not an authorized person, that’s what rises his severe precautions.

He values his privacy

It’s true that married couple should trust each other and doesn’t hide anything from one another, nevertheless, even in married bonds, we should respect each others’ privacy, so if your husband is the type of person that values privacy and wants to have some peace, you don’t have to make a fuss about it, respect his decision instead and know your limits. Moreover, maybe you’re the snooping kind and you keep touching his phone for no necessary reason which made him decide to hide his phone.

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Confront your husband

The best way to find out the truth and get rid of this infinite torture is to confront your husband, tell him that you’ve been struggling for a while now, that you feel that he’s hiding something serious from you and you want to know the truth, therefore, ask him what’s there in his phone that he doesn’t want you to see it? if he handed you his phone to check it, and you find nothing suspicious there but it was all in your head then good for you, but if he refuses to give you his phone thus you’ve got your answer and you were right about him from the start.

In conclusion, these are the possible main reasons that could lead your husband to hide his phone and act suspiciously, thus, I hope that we eased your worries and helped you to make a better judgment.

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