How to Find Out your Personal Information on the Internet

How to find information about yourself online?  Is there any search tool or tricks to get all the personal details? And what if others can find your phone number, email address, locations, and who you’re? Is it really possible for people to search for your sensitive data through the Internet and use it? And how to tell if some of your details like your social media accounts are available to see publicly?

Nowadays, almost anyone can find information about people including you through the Internet. And even more, the number of data is not limited or even controlled. But if you want to remove all that data, you have to search for yourself first.

Next, find all the personal details that search engines and websites have about you and remove them. In this guide, I’ll help you with tips and tricks to uncover every information like your full name, contact details, etc… So, read the full guide to manage your info and manage your presence online.

How to find yourself on the internet?

If you want to know how much information people can find about you, then, use the search tools option in the navigation menu above to see the details about yourself and save time. What you can use is your first and last name and hit the search button. These people’s finders and search engines work instantly and can reveal everything available on the Internet about yourself.

After that, look for detail because you’ll get a comprehensive personal background search report. Additionally, there are other search ways using the email address, phone number, or street address. Thus, even if one of these search options does not provide details, one of them will find the information on your name on the web.

What this kind of tool does is scan the web for public records. Then, they combine different sources of information and clearly show them in the report. In other words, instead of spending months looking for what websites already have as your personal details, you can get all of them and more in a minute or two. And even if you think that you know how to protect your personal data, sometimes, others can find the phone number in a few clicks.

Also, they’re paid people finding tools that have bigger sizes of databases than many other sites. And there is a customer support service and secure searching. I should also mention that these search methods work only for the US. And they’re one of the most accurate online services to find information about people and their related formation.

Search for your details on Google properly

Google is the first website that knows your information. No matter if you use Google regularly or once a year, people share the details, comment, and post about any topic online. This means, no one is safe when it comes to protecting his or her Internet reputation and data. Others may talk about you and add contact details.

Also, others can mention your name or anyone else you know on a blog post, comment on Facebook conversations, or even Texts on Snapchat, Instagram. etc…

Now, here is how to find everything about yourself online, Google can help a lot. So use its advanced search instead of the default one. It’s more sophisticated and you can filter the search results the way you want. It’s one of the most effective web searching techniques that tells you if there is any leaked information about yourself or anyone else in the family.

Here is how to find yourself on Google. First, visit Google’s advanced search site. Then, use the field named “any of these words” and add your first and last name. Next, add only your last name, nickname, phone numbers (home, work, and mobile). And add what you have as details you want to find and trace the sites that have your data and numbers.

Google search

You don’t have to limit yourself to what I said as a search option. To find yourself online, you can also refine the search to a specific country and language. Or even search a whole website for your personal details by using the “domain” field.

How to remove your name from google?

When you Google your name and find results that you don’t want to show up, you can request the removal of that information. To do that, visit the Google removal page. And make sure you click on the appropriate category when you need to stop your name from appearing again. Google will then, treat your request, and one of their employees will do that.

That can remove your name from Google or other details. But if other sites still have that personal information, then, you have to contact them directly. After that, find their website and check their contact page. Now, let them know about the issues and show them that you don’t want that information to be listed there on their pages.

Other than that, some companies offer dedicated services to fix your online reputation. But not all of them have a good rating. So, I don’t recommend any of them right now. Instead, it’s always recommended to do it yourself and fix your online reputation and manage it.

See if Facebook is sharing your personal information

When you search yourself online with Google, you may find all the different types of data. But Facebook is mainly a social network, and even a dating site these days. So, users can search Facebook using Google if the information is public. Or they can do that by using the Facebook search system internally.

In all the cases, by logging into Facebook and searching for one of your personal details like the cell phone number or email, you may get the pages or posts where that information was published.

What can make the search better here is to take note of what you already have as mobile numbers, email addresses, nicknames, etc…Next, search for each piece of personal information and numbers separately. Next, see if there is any post about your name, family members, or mobile phone.

If you find no mention of any of your details, then, you’re lucky enough. That’s because personal information search may show very sensitive info on these sites. In addition, social media is becoming aggressive these days, and protecting personal privacy becomes a real issue.

Many social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat mention every single detail, even if it’s secret and people keep it hidden, contact numbers, emails, and other data can show up in data breaches.

There are many other websites to find all the public information about yourself. So, remember what accounts you created in the past. Many sites share the data with third-party tools and it can be already leaked. For that reason, it’s better to come back and remove all that information site by site.

Find what Bing has as details about you

Bing is not Google, it has its own search engine and the way of scanning the Internet for information and people is not the same. That’s why both search engines work differently and they do not share the same data about people and things. Thus, by using the Bing search, you’ll have other options to search yourself and see your personal data online and check where it appears.

As a tip here, start the search with your full name and add the city where you live actually. Next, add terms like “Phone” or “number” to get closer to the search index.

Bing search can help you to manage your online presence. But it all starts from a deep web search to find what’s already there about yourself, your spouse, and your kids. So, take your time and combine Bing with Google and other free search engines. Or, use the first tool on this page which can bring you all your personal details that are there on the Internet even on the dark web.

White Pages

This may not work all the time, but White Pages is a good site that lets you search and find personal details using a number or the name. This time you’re going to search for your name online and not someone else. So, use the different search tools and look for details. The site lets you opt out and removes your personal data. But for sure, you need to find that first and reverse lookup your full name.

The best thing about this people-search engine is that it has databases in the US, Australia, Canada, and more countries. Thus, it can find more personal details about yourself and life compared to local databases.

Search for your photos

Even if you find no details when you search yourself online. And there are no details about your identity on any website, there is still a possibility of getting your information through one of your photos. So, make sure to use sites like Google images and upload any of your headshots or pictures that you think may already have circulated.

Now, carefully look at the search result and don’t assume they’re wrong or true at 100%. Instead, click on each URL that Google shows and see what they have about you or the family.

Searching by photos is powerful these days because algorithms have become more sophisticated. And so, these systems can find where people share a specific picture even if it’s modified.

Bing has also a dedicated visual search tool. It starts with uploading a photo or adding its URL. Then, search and find all the web pages where it’s posted.

Bing photo search

To find how much information Google and people have about yourself, you need to use a couple of search tools and sites to cover all the possibilities. But that does not mean to neglect to monitor what people say about you on their social media accounts. They may share cell phone numbers, property details, social photos, and sensitive data.

That’s why I recommend monitoring your identity and personal details on the Internet. Also, you should look at everything posted about your data if you want to stop worrying about identity theft and online scams.

The best thing to do to clean up your online reputation is to remove any bad picture or information. But of course, that’s not complicated, Google has this option, it’s called Google Alerts. And, once it finds the mention of your full name or numbers, you get an instant email notification with the exact page where the information is located.


Now, you know how to Google yourself and find your personal details through the Internet. Some of these search engines show or hide information based on what the user is requesting. But when you combine all of these search techniques, you’ll be able to see what others can know about you. Thus, that can help you in managing your online reputation and protecting your personal contact details and data.

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