How to convince someone to do something

How To Convince Someone To Do Something

The art of persuasion has not been gifted to everyone. Some people are naturally convincing in their efforts to get others to do things. But for many, it’s a skill that needs honing. The foundation lies in effective communication, as is the basis for positive feedback in any situation.  Looking at this topic from a … Read this

Do dating sites send fake messages?

Do Dating Sites Send Fake Messages?

A reality for your relationship might be that you and a partner share your mobile devices, divulge passwords and social network details, even check in on the other’s email.  There are no secrets, only express trust, and there has never been a reason for doubt. But when messages start to appear in the inbox from … Read this

How to love yourself after a breakup

How To Love Yourself After A Breakup

Many people have good intentions when a loved one is experiencing a breakup, offering advice on how to navigate through the pain, things to do to keep busy, and help in moving forward with activities and socializing. The primary thing is to remember self-love. Sometimes that gets lost during the course of a partnership, especially … Read this

How to find out if your boyfriend has a criminal record

How To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Has A Criminal Record

Nowadays, there’s virtually no excuse for someone not to know specifics about a partner by the time you become exclusive or committed. In most circumstances, people meet for the first time virtually to decide if someone is a person worth pursuing dating or a no-go.  Many dating sites are now including background checks as part … Read this